✏️ Last week we noted that Postgres 15 was likely to drop on October 13 and that this issue might be delayed. However, there's speculation it might be delayed to October 20. Given this, we're sending this issue today and if Postgres 15 does get released tomorrow, we'll send a quick, extra 'newsflash' email to let you know.
Peter Cooper, your editor

#​475 — October 12, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

Partitioning in Postgres – 2022 Edition — A reflection on the shifting benefits and drawbacks of using partitioned tables in Postgres while noting that things are better now than ever before: “Progress on this feature over 5 years is downright incredible. Managing a partitioned table is 90% as easy as a normal one.”

Brandur Leach

Postgres 15 is.. Almost Here!RC 2 dropped last week, and the final is due either tomorrow or on October 20 🤞 Lætitia reminds us of the roadmap here, but if you’d rather hear about some features, here are a few to get excited about.

Lætitia Avrot

Niftys Migrates to Crunchy Bridge from Serverless — Find out why vanilla Postgres is a more cost effective and simple way to manage your database than shiny “Postgres” compatible services. Read a customer case study on getting a better database experience with better support on Crunchy Bridge.

Crunchy Bridge sponsor

Six Findings to Rely On When Managing Postgres IndexesKnock is a notifications platform that uses Postgres as its primary data store and they’ve shared some lessons learnt from tuning their indexes. Ultimately, it comes down to making tradeoffs between query flexibility and efficiency.

Billy Ceskavich

The Why and How of Connection Pooling with pgbouncer“Connections are not free,” so you might use some sort of proxy or pooler like pgbouncer to manage the connection load upon your database. This post explains the basics.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig


  • The first PGSQL Phriday Postgres community blogging event wrapped up nicely with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. 6! posts each sharing three best practices, but one of which is a (disclosed) lie! See if you can spot the sneakiness of the authors..

  • The PostgreSQL Community Code of Conduct Committee (try saying that ten times quickly) has welcomed three new members.

  • Crunchy Data's Paul Laurence reflects on five years of Postgres on Kubernetes.

Writing Your Own Postgres Driver (in Go) — An increasing number of non-Postgres systems are now using Postgres’s wire protocol for interoperability reasons, so why not join the fun and write your own Postgres client? This post digs into the protocol a little and provides guidance, without taking away all the fun.

Konstantin Makarov

How are MySQL and Postgres ENUMs Different? — Nick gets in early with the Halloween stories with a look at the ‘spooky internals’ of how ENUMs are handled in MySQL versus Postgres.

Nick Marino

Learn About Postgres 15 and More in Our 5mins of Postgres Video Series

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Migrate Oracle’s XMLDOM Package Functions to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Using JSON — AWS is still very keen for you to migrate away from Oracle.
Kumar and Parthasaradhi (AWS)

Don’t Forget to Tune the Stats Collector on PG 14 and Older
Jobin Augustine

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_auto_failover 2.0: Extension That Manages Failover for Postgres Clusters — Say hello to Postgres 15 and Citus support.


SI Units for Postgres — Over 2400 units imported from GNU Units including meters, kilograms, seconds, amperes, radians, lumens, and more. Learnt about this in the author’s Postgres Person of the Week interview where he reveals how his background as a trained physicist led to this extension.

Christoph Berg

'Don’t Make Databases Available on the Public Internet' — A response to a popular article last week about how many Postgres servers aren’t using SSL. Their solution is quite specific to Tailscale (a true VPN system for your own devices) but they’ve written has written and open sourced a TLS-enforcing Postgres proxy called pgproxy to bridge between Tailscale and external Postgres servers.


  • pgx 0.5
    ↳ Build Postgres extensions with Rust.

  • PgHero 3.0.1
    ↳ A performance dashboard for Postgres

  • pgcat 0.3
    ↳ Postgres pooler with sharding, load balancing and failover support.

  • ruby-pg 1.4.4
    ↳ PostgreSQL client library for Ruby.

  • Hypershield 0.3
    ↳ Shield sensitive data in Postgres and MySQL

❓ Did You Know..

Luca Ferrari shows off Postgres's ASCII numeric operators and while using + or - for addition and subtraction are universally known, did you know |/ can be used to calculate a square root or that @ can act the same as abs? Thankfully, most of Postgres's math functions stick to more boring names however :-)