#​472 — September 21, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

pg_activity 3.0: htop-Like Activity Monitoring Tool — Much as you might use top or htop to monitor processes and CPU usage, pg_activity gives you a similar look behind the scenes of Postgres with views over running queries, up to date performance stats, and more.


Migrating Postgres from Heroku to Crunchy Bridge — Developers of a growing business were looking to migrate Postgres. They wanted a new vendor at least as good as Heroku, with new features and developer tools. They tested Amazon RDS and several others. Find out why they chose Crunchy Bridge for their cloud Postgres. Read the case study.

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🦀  PostgresML Moving to Rust For Its 2.0 Release — The idea of using Rust to build Postgres extensions is slowly gathering pace. The creators of the PostgresML extension that adds ML model training and querying to Postgres gave Rust a go and have been so struck by the performance improvements, they’re going all in.

Montana Low

Sequences vs. Invoice Numbers — Postgres sequences provide a handy abstraction around the generation of ID numbers, so surely they’d be good for invoice numbers too? Not so fast, says Hans-Jürgen (note that his specified criteria for the legality of invoice numbers varies by jurisdiction).

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Using the Timescale Gem with RubyTimescaleDB is the extension that turns Postgres into a fully-fledged time series database and this thorough walkthrough demonstrates its use from Ruby.

Jônatas Davi Paganini

▶️ Webinar Tomorrow: Optimizing Postgres I/O Performance & Costs

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An Overview of Postgres Data Flow — A high-level look at where data in a Postgres-based system might actually be going to and coming from, including caches, connection poolers, and buffers. A diagram wraps up the main ideas.

David Christensen


🛠 Code and Tools

pspg 5.5.7: A Unix Pager Designed for Postgres Tables — If you use psql you probably use less as your pager, but it doesn’t directly support tabular data. This does. We’ve linked it a few times over the years, but it’s come such a long way and deserves fresh attention, particularly as it now supports paging output from numerous database CLI tools. Plus it reminds me of Borland-era DOS IDEs and I’m all here for that.

Pavel Stehule

pgenv 1.3.2: A Postgres Virtual Environment Manager — pgenv is a shell script based ‘manager’ for working with multiple versions of Postgres at the same time on the same system. GitHub repo.

Luca Ferrari

dblab: An Interactive Client for Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite3 — A cross-platform (yes, including Windows) TUI-style app for working with various database systems. Certainly looks rather different to the standard CLI clients!

Daniel Omar Vergara Pérez

  • plpgsql_check 2.2
    ↳ Static analysis and linting for PL/pgSQL.

  • pev2 1.5
    ↳ Vue.js component to visualize Postgres execution plans.

  • Redix 5.2
    ↳ Speaks Redis, stores data on Postgres.

  • Npgsql 6.0.7
    ↳ .NET data provider for Postgres.

  • Selda 0.5.2
    ↳ Type-safe LINQ-inspired SQL library for Haskell.

  • pgsync 0.7.2
    ↳ Sync data from one Postgres database to another.