#​464 — July 20, 2022

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PostgreSQL 14 Internals: The Book — A book for those “who will not settle for a black-box approach when working with a database” from one of our favorite authors of technical deep dives into Postgres features. Part one is available now as a 160+ page PDF.

Egor Rogov

\gexec in psql: A Postgres Power User Practice? — If you’ve used eval in languages like Python or JavaScript, \gexec provides a similar mechanism in psql and opens some interesting ways to dynamically generate and run queries en masse. (If you like history, here’s some background to the feature from its original announcement on the pgsql-hackers list.)

Julian Markwort

First Insights from the State of PostgreSQL 2022 Report — The State of PostgreSQL survey was recently closed. While we keep digging into the results, read the first insights in our new blog post, and share your email to get notified when the full report will be published.

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Working with DISTINCT in Postgres 15 — Using DISTINCT with SELECT eliminates 'duplicate' rows from results by way of specified expressions. We’re still in the beta phase of Postgres 15, but this post shows off how the performance of SELECT DISTINCT has been improved through parallelization.

Robert Bernier

When Does BRIN Indexing Win? — An easily digestible comparison of BRIN and BTree indexes and an explanation of when and why BRIN can make the most sense despite their relative simplicity (very large, insert-only tables, for instance).

Paul Ramsey

How Postgres's Views and Materialized Views Work — ..and, importantly to note, “how they influenced TimescaleDB continuous aggregates.” Whether you use Timescale or not, this is a useful introduction to views that gracefully moves into why Timescale had to create extra mechanisms suited for time series use cases.

David Kohn (Timescale)

Build Internal Tools 10x Faster with PostgreSQL

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▶  Postgres vs SQLite with Litestream — As much as I love Postgres, SQLite is absolutely perfect for many use cases. Litestream is a tool that lets you stream SQLite changes for storage elsewhere, opening up even more opportunities. Its creator, Ben Johnson, talks about it on this show and compares the overall approach to Postgres.

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