#​461 — June 29, 2022

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🔧 If you're more into tools and extensions than news or tutorials, this is the issue for you. There have been a lot of interesting releases in the past couple of weeks, so head down to the bumper-sized Code & Tools section at the bottom of this issue.. :-)
Peter Cooper, your editor

Postgres Weekly

Google Cloud Spanner's Postgres Interface Goes GA — It’s unusual to see a lot of smart people sing the praises of a proprietary cloud database but Google’s Cloud Spanner has many such fans with its promises of high availability, scalability, and ACID compliance — and slotting into the Postgres ecosystem is seen as an increasingly important factor. Notably, the author says: “PostgreSQL is the new 'API' for operational databases,” – maybe we can expect more Postgres love from Google in future?

Justin Makeig (Google Cloud)

Amazon Aurora Adds Postgres 14 Support — Amazon’s highly scalable, managed Postgres-a-like-but-not-quite service gets bumped up to Postgres 14 standard with improved parallel querying, partitioned tables, logical replication, and vacuuming, as well as new features like multirange types. Here's a full laundry list of what’s new.

Amazon Web Services

How Teleport Works: Basic Concepts — Teleport is the easiest, most secure way to access all your infrastructure. Teleport provides secure access to SSH or Windows servers, Windows desktops, Kubernetes clusters, databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and others) and web applications. Learn more.

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Debugging Deadlocks in Postgres — Locks provide a fantastic way to protect data integrity until.. you run into a deadlock. Laurenz sets up a simple deadlock in order to show off some techniques for debugging them.

Laurenz Albe

Postgres Indexes, Selectivity, and Statistics — A look under the covers at some ways to tweak things when Postgres’s query planning isn’t quite up to par.

Paul Ramsey

Postgres Upgrades Are Hard — If you, like some people on Hacker News, are tempted to say “upgrading is easy, just use pg_upgrade, be sure to read these notes as surprises and edge cases abound.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum

Using Cloudflare Tunnel and Access with Postgres — Cloudflare’s database team explains how they use Cloudflare’s Tunnels service internally to improve the security of employee access to databases.

McNeil and Ravichandran (Cloudflare)

🔧 Code and Tools:

pg_squeeze: An Extension to Fix Table Bloat — While it’s not a replacement for vacuuming, it boasts being a handy extension to go a few steps further to gain even more space improvements on a table.


Barman 3.0: Backup and Recovery Manager for Postgres — An admin tool for performing remote (hot) backups and disaster recovery of Postgres servers. Homepage.


Check Out Our Free Postgres eBooks in the pganalyze Resources Library

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pgenv 1.3: Postgres Binary Manger — Aims to make it simple to build and run different releases of Postgres, particularly for switching between them to test, etc.

David E. Wheeler and Contributors

pg_ivm 1.1: IVM (Incremental View Maintenance) Extension — Incremental View Maintenance keeps materialized views up to date in a way where incremental changes are computed and applied rather than recomputing everything. pg_ivm provides a kind of ‘immediate maintenance’ where materialized views are updated immediately after a base table is modified. v1.1 adds Postgres 13 and aggregates support.

SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

PGSpider 1.0: A Data Virtualization Engine for Distributed Big Data — Think clustering meets FDW at scale.

Toshiba Corporation


Good Job 3.0 – Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails.
InfluxDB FDW 1.2 – A foreign data wrapper to InfluxDB.
FerretDB 0.4 – A MongoDB-a-like but with a Postgres backend.
Magic 14.0 – Create a CRUD API wrapping your database 'in seconds.'
OnlineMigrations 0.5 – Catch unsafe Postgres migrations in development.
PGLoader 3.6.6COPY-powered data migration tool.
data-diff 0.2.1 – Efficiently diff rows across two different databases.
rel 0.36 – Modern ORM-ish for Go(lang).
postgres-meta 0.39 – RESTful API for managing Postgres.