#​452 — April 27, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 Now Generally Available — Aurora is AWS’s Postgres (and MySQL) compatible managed database system and has long had a serverless ‘pay as you go’ variant. Version 2 of Aurora Serverless takes things up a notch in terms of scalability and granularity providing ‘instant’ and non-disruptive scaling when loads suddenly change.

Marcia Villalba (AWS)

Fuzzy Name Matching in Postgres — Paul loads 50,000 fake names into a Postgres table then demonstrates some ways to find names that match certain requirements including those that sound similar when spoken aloud.

Paul Ramsey

Free eBook: Effective Indexing in Postgres — Learn how to create the best Postgres index for your queries. We provide a deep dive into index types, operators, data types and more. Creating the right indexes can often improve your query performance by 10x or even 100x.

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Eight Things You Probably Didn't Know PostgreSQL Can Do — This isn’t new, but somehow we didn’t see it at the time, and it’s an interesting list. If you’ve spent much time digging around in Postgres you probably do know these things, but casual day to day users may not.

Thom Brown

▶  All of the Citus Con Talks and Replays — Two weeks ago we linked to a playlist of videos from the recent Citus Con online Postgres conference, but now the official Citus Con site has the videos linked from its own schedule in an easier to discover way, plus you can now see all 38 sessions versus just 20 before.

Citus Data / Microsoft

▶  PostgreSQL – More Relevant Than Ever — One of the aforementioned Citus Con talks. Magnus, of the Postgres core team, spoke about how despite Postgres’s age, it’s more relevant in the database sphere than ever. This is a great talk to catch up on some history and the broad position and mindset of the Postgres ecosystem.

Magnus Hagander

Mapping Fracking Wells in Colorado with Postgres — A practical look at using Postgres, pgAdmin, and PostGIS to create maps from data.

Richard Peterson

Postgres 14 B-Tree Index: Reduced Bloat with Bottom-Up Deletion — A look at how Postgres 14 is more efficient in deleting obsolete versions of index tuples in B-Tree indexes, resulting in smaller total index sizes.

Hamid Akthar

Formatting SQL Code with pgFormatter in Vim — Last week, we learnt how to format SQL code with pgFormatter in Emacs, so it’s no surprise to see Vim turn up as an option too :-)

Josh Tolley

Three Tips For Startups Who Chose CockroachDB Over Postgres — We don’t want you to jump ship, but it’s often interesting to contrast and compare (and pretty much essential if you’re a CTO or influencing technology choices at your company).

Theodore Hyman and Cassie McAllister (Cockroach Labs)

🔧 Code and Tools:

pg_party 1.4: PostgreSQL Partitioning for Ruby on Rails' Active Record — AR migrations and helpers for creating and managing table partitions. Now has full Postgres 11+ feature support and supports sub-partioning.

Ryan Krage

AI Caching for Postgres, Scale Effortlessly in Minutes

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PostGIS 2.5.6: A Bug Fix Release — Plus v2.4.10 – an end-of-life release for the 2.4 branch.
Regina Obe

pg2rs: Create Rust Source Code Entities from Postgres Tables

Reshape 0.6: A Zero-Downtime Schema Migration Tool for Postgres
Fabian Lindfors

▶  Discussing Postgres.js with Rasmus PorsagerPostgres.js is a fast, fully featured Postgres client library for both Node.js and Deno. In this 50 minute interview, he talks about its creation, as well as Postgres in general.

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