#​450 — April 13, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

Multiranges in Postgres 14 — Ranges are usually quite simple: all integers between 5 and 12 – things like that. But multiranges, as supported in Postgres 14, take things to a further level by being able to represent multiple ranges in a composite way. Hans-Jürgen gives us some examples here.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

PostGIS for Newbies — The PostGIS extension turns Postgres into a geospatial/geographical powerhouse with support for global geometry, ways to measure physical distance, mapping, and more.

Elizabeth Christensen

Effortless Multi-Cloud DBaaS Built for Developers — YugabyteDB is available as a multi-cloud database-as-a-service created for developers. Create and connect to a scalable, resilient, Postgres-compatible database on AWS or GCP in minutes. No software to install, configure, or manage. Sign up for free.

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▶  20 Talks from Citus Con 2022Citus Con is a new, virtual event being put on by Microsoft this week, and most of the talks are already available to watch on-demand on YouTube. Some highlights:


In brief:

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Blue/Green Deployment using Fast Database Cloning — A blue/green deployment is when you create two separate but identical environments to reduce risk and make rollback easier when upgrading the version of an underlying app. Aurora’s fast database cloning makes this a rapid process on AWS RDS.

Muddarajaiah, Sarin, et al. (AWS)

PostgreSQL's Official 'Related Projects' — Postgres isn’t just a database, it’s an entire ecosystem. And while huge lists like Awesome Postgres help paint the big picture, there are a lot of projects more closely related to the Postgres project, such as those running the postgresql.org site, the mailing lists, build farm, event management, and more.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

▶  Scaling Postgres with Google Cloud and HAProxy — HAProxy is a powerful TCP proxy and load balancer and if you want a lot of control over the load balancing aspect of running a Postgres cluster, it could be a way to go.

High Performance Programming Channel

CockroachDB Provides PostgreSQL Simplicity at Scale. Learn How

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How Postgres Audit Tables Saved Us From Taking Down Production
Matt Dupree

Why Isn’t Postgres Using My Index?
Michael Christofides

🔧 Code and Tools:

pgBadger 11.8: A Postgres Log Analysis Tool — A performance-focused log analyzer that produces detailed usage reports. Here’s some example output.

Gilles Darold

SQLFluff: A SQL Linter 'for Humans' — Built in Python, a SQL linter that covers a variety of dialects (including Postgres, of course).

Alan Cruickshank

pgcopydb: Copy a Postgres Database to a Target Postgres Server — Automates running pg_dump | pg_restore between two running Postgres servers.

Dimitri Fontaine