#​448 — March 30, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

MERGE Coming to Postgres 15 — It’s always good to see a fresh new page in the Postgres docs – even if it's for a release due later this year. This one is for MERGE (a SQL statement you may have seen in SQL Server or Oracle) – the basic idea is data from a query or a source table is merged en masse into a target table under definable conditions.

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Citus 11 Now in Beta — Citus is an open source Postgres extension that “transforms Postgres into a distributed database” and the big update in 11 is schema and metadata syncing so distributed tables can always be queried from any node in a cluster.

Citus Data / Microsoft

Studio 3T Manages Your Data, While You Wrestle Your App into Shape — Studio 3T's full suite of MongoDB tools lets you query quicker, develop with data even faster and turn queries into code automatically. Try it free for 30 days - no credit card needed.

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In brief:

Ultimate Guide to Citus Con: An Event for Postgres — There are just under two weeks to go and the Citus / Microsoft team are really, really, really keen for you to enjoy their free event whether live or by watching the sessions on demand later. This post digs into what talks will be talking place.

Citus Data

How to DROP ROLE or DROP USER Without Trouble — More often than not, we set our databases up and rarely think about deleting the users and roles with power over them. However, it’s not as simple as you might think given the potential for problems with dependencies..

Laurenz Albe

Installing Crunchy Postgres Operator v5 on EKS
Bo Peng

🔧 Code and Tools:

Postgres.js 3.0: Fast, Full-Featured Postgres Client for Node and Deno — Now for both Deno and Node.js, this high performance Postgres library offers realtime change subscription, dynamic query building via a special template literal, large objects, high availability via multi-host connection URLs, async cursors, and more. Slonik is another option to consider in this space too.

Rasmus Porsager

pg_plan_guarantee: Keeps Your Plans in Place — Fine tuning queries to get the right execution plan out of Postgres’s planner is a common hobby around these parts, but what about when things change and suddenly Postgres’s planner decides to unilaterally change path? This extension’s promise is to “set your execution plan in stone” which may, or may not, be a good idea given your use case. Note that this is a new project in alpha and may have unintended consequences!

Gurjeet Singh

How Lyft's Mobile Team Does Mobile CI at Scale

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PgBouncer 1.17.0 Released: The Lightweight Connection Pooler — New functionality and some fixes. Database definitions can now specify host lists. The maximum length of passwords has been increased. Support for OpenSSL 3 has been fixed.

PgBouncer Authors

Quickgres 0.4.2: A Pure JavaScript Postgres Client Library — It’s interesting to see a Postgres client library that talks the wire protocol directly with no external dependencies. It’s pretty much all in a single JS file too if you want to see how it works.

Ilmari Heikkinen

ETL Helper: A Python Library for Database to Database Transfers — One for the Pythonistas. Works with Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server and Oracle, and I just love that it comes from the British Geological Survey.

British Geological Survey

usql 0.10.0: A Universal CLI Tool for Databases — It’s inspired by psql, but adds some more features and supports tons of databases, both relational and NoSQL.

Kenneth Shaw