#​441 — February 9, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

The World of PostgreSQL Wire Compatibility — You’ll have noticed just how many database systems and database tools nowadays can ‘speak Postgres’, even if they’re quite different under the hood (e.g. Aurora, Cloud Spanner) — and being compatible with Postgres’s wire protocol is key to that. This article takes a quick look at just what that means.

Phil Eaton

▶  Slow Things Down to Make Them Go Faster — A talk given at FOSDEM 2022 just a few days ago about how Postgres handles high concurrency situations and how connection pooling can mitigate a lot of contention issues.

Jimmy Angelakos

5 Methods For Retrieving The Most Recent Data With PostgreSQL — 🎓 Get five common approaches for retrieving the most recent value for each item in your database. Complete with a brief discussion on how indexes play a role and don't always seem to help queries as you would expect.

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Vacuuming Update-Heavy Tables — Since Postgres lets you set up different VACUUM parameters for each table, you can get specific when it comes to tables getting more updates than average.

Alexei Kozlov

How to Install Postgres 14 Plus 'contrib' on Amazon Linux 2 — I’ve not needed to do this yet, but apparently installing Postgres 14 along with its contrib package is sufficiently tricky enough to require a walkthrough.

the gabriellephant

Five Ways to Select The Most Recent Record (of Many Items) — A look at five different methods for retrieving the most recent data for each item in a Postgres database quickly and efficiently. (Given this is from Timescale, you might not be surprised one of the solutions works with TimescaleDB only :-))

Ryan Booz (Timescale)

Moving Pinterest’s iOS Builds to Autoscaled EC2 Mac

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'Outgrowing Postgres? Keep Using Postgres..' — This post introduces us to Hydra, essentially intelligent middleware that routes queries to relevant backend databases (including OLAP systems) while still using Postgres-compatible SQL everywhere.

Joseph Sciarrino

PgCat: PgBouncer Rewritten in Rust, with Sharding and More — The creator of this says “I thought it would be kind of cool to take Pgbouncer to the next level” and so whipped out Rust and built a PgBouncer clone with sharding, load balancing, and failover support. It’s in alpha and not advised for production use yet, though.

Lev Kokotov

pg_timetable 4.4 Released: Advanced Job Scheduling for Postgres — The latest 4.4.0 release adds a REST API for external tools to perform monitoring, health checks, and other maintenance.

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