#​435 — December 15, 2021

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🎄 This is the last normal issue of Postgres Weekly for 2021 as we'll be back next week with a special "best of 2021" roundup for you to enjoy :-) See you then.
Peter Cooper, your editor

Postgres Weekly

Case Study: How the UK COVID-19 Dashboard Built on Postgres and Citus Works — If you like deep diving case studies, this is for you. The UK government’s Health Security Agency has been proactive in sharing data about the COVID-19 pandemic with its citizens, and Postgres (running on Azure’s Postgres and Citus service) is at the heart of its popular dashboard powered by billions of rows of frequently updated data. There’s a lot to take in here.

Claire Giordano (Microsoft)

The World’s Most Evolved SQL Database — Elastic scale doesn’t have to mean sacrificing consistency or familiarity. Get effortless scaling, automated ops, and guaranteed transactional consistency with CockroachDB Serverless, the only bug you’ll ever love.

CockroachDB Serverless sponsor

📅  Citus Con: An Event for Postgres in 2022 — The Microsoft Azure team is running a free online developer event next April (so you’ve got some time to plan) and, currently most importantly, they are looking for speakers. You have until February 6, 2022 to get your talk proposal sent in.

Citus Data

The SEARCH and CYCLE Features in Postgres 14 — PG14 introduced two SQL standard features for working with recursive queries. SEARCH lets you specify depth or breadth-first searching and the columns to track for sorting, whereas CYCLE lets you specify columns to track for cycle detection. There’s more on these in the official recursive queries docs.

Francesco Tisiot

Extracting and Substituting Text with Regular Expressions — Admittedly I’m a huge regex fan, but even if you’re not, this post looking into things you can do with regexes in Postgres includes a quick refresher.

Paul Ramsey

Postgres vs Python for Data Cleaning: A Guide — Before you analyze data, you might want to clean it up a bit, and often you might turn to a language like Python to do this. But Postgres (and TimescaleDB) can be used to do more than you might think.

Miranda Auhi (Timescale)

The Fastest Way to Load Data Into Postgres from Rails — A look at four approaches from inserting one record at a time (not fast, unsurprisingly) through to custom copy approaches (faster), or using a background job (a lot faster).

Eze Sunday Eze

The Difference Between WHERE and HAVING in SQL — It’s all about the time they come into play.

Federico Razzoli

A Complete PostgreSQL Solution, Tuned for Peak Performance

Percona sponsor

A Look Inside Postgres's Extended Query Protocol — A technical look at an area of Postgres you probably don’t need to know about.. but if you like looking under the hood, knowing that Postgres’s wire protocol supports two types of query may be of interest.

Cary Huang

Creating Views with Postgres and TypeORMTypeORM is a popular ORM that supports the Active Record and Data Mapper patterns and can be used from Node.

Marcin Wanago

PGX 0.2.x: Build Postgres Extensions with Rust — A framework for building Postgres extensions with Rust rather than the C or C++ you might be more used to. It now supports Postgres 14 too.


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