#​433 — December 1, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

PostgREST 9.0: Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres Database — A popular system, written in Haskell, for placing a REST API in front of a Postgres database which has described itself as an “alternative to manual CRUD programming”. v9.0 adds Postgres 14 support and improved partitioned table support. GitHub repo.

Steve Chavez et al.

What Developers Find Surprising About Postgres Transactions — We’ve talked about isolation levels before, and they have a big impact on what happens during a transaction.

Lawrence Jones

Percona and PostgreSQL: Better Together — Offering peak performance with a developer-friendly database, open source tools and world class support services.

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A Case Involving Postgres and Some Carelessness — Who likes a detective story? A shipping company’s analytics system was running into pages occasionally taking a very long time to load and an engineer quickly discovered a sloppy query at the heart of it (though one of the other queries is kinda clever..)


Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server Now GA — In spite of its rather cumbersome name, it’s great to see another managed Postgres service go GA.. sort of. Flexible Server is a mode of Azure’s Postgres offering that provides, unsurprisingly, more flexibility in terms of scaling, configuration customization, and burstable compute.

Sunil Kamath (Microsoft)

PGConf NYC 2021 Starts Tomorrow — If you happen to be able to get to New York City tomorrow and want to attend, apparently you can still do so, but you’d want to be quick. Event schedule.

US PostgreSQL Association

Primary Keys vs. UNIQUE Constraints — Both primary keys and UNIQUE constraints involve an index being created, but while they intuitively seem like different ideas, just how do they differ? As is often the case, NULLs matter.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Postgres 14's Monitoring and Logging Enhancements — Lots of small bits and pieces improve PG 14’s monitoring picture including I/O timings on autovacuum logs, logging of usernames on connection logs, and more control over query identifiers.

Ibrar Ahmed

EXCEPT ALL — A table operator I certainly hadn’t come across before. It lets you take two result sets and remove elements of the second from the first.

Markus Winand

Collation Stability — Postgres leans upon collation in order to accurately sort strings in different locales and languages. You’d probably not expect the rules of sorting strings to change very often, but they appear to do so.

Robert Haas

Free eBook: Effective Indexing in Postgres

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Is Aurora Really Faster and Cheaper Than RDS? — Aurora PostgreSQL is marketed as providing ‘3x the throughput’ of standard Postgres, but Avinash is less sure. As with all benchmarking attempts, it’s complicated and you should run your own experiments.

Avinash Vallarapu

DBeaver 21.3.0: A Universal Database Tool — Written in Java, this is a long standing, open-source, cross-platform database tool for building and running queries, looking at tables, etc.

DBeaver Team