#​431 — November 17, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

Generating More Realistic Sample Time-Series Data with generate_series() — If you get deja-vu from the title, Timescale has covered using generate_series() before, but this takes a step-up in terms of realism. Goes into a lot more depth than you’d expect.

Ryan Booz

PostgreSQL 14.1, 13.5, 12.9, 11.14, 10.19, and 9.6.24 Released — Phew, try and say all of those version numbers in a row without getting tongue tied.. Releases come all round to resolve a variety of bugs and two man-in-the-middle security vulnerabilities. Note that this is also the last ever release of Postgres 9.6.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

OpenStreetMap Data in PostGIS Enabled PostgreSQL Database - Free Download — CYBERTEC implemented a download OpenStreetMap service, which periodically generates extracts of OpenStreetMap data in various flavors, outputted as SQL dump to streamline and simplify its usage. Download your map for free.

CYBERTEC PostGIS OSM Downloader sponsor

Odyssey 1.2: A Scalable Postgres Connection Pooler — Three years ago we first announced the release of Yandex’s multi-threaded connection pooler and router that it uses to handle over one million requests per second internally. It continues to be updated and now supports PAM and LDAP.


dynamodb_fdw 1.0: A Foreign Data Wrapper for DynamoDB — I haven’t tested it myself yet, but I’m surprised this only picked up one star so far. The idea here is to provide access from Postgres to Amazon’s DynamoDB key/value document database.



An Introduction to pg_auto_failoverpg_auto_failover is an extension that provides automated failover within a Postgres cluster. This post tells the entire story of the extension, how it works, and where its value lies.

Dimitri Fontaine

Installing Postgres with WSL2 on Windows — The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) provides a compatibility layer for running Linux binaries on Windows which means you can build Postgres in a Linux-oriented fashion and run it on Windows, if you like, rather than using a native Windows build.

Pavlo Golub

Easily Running Babelfish for Postgres on KubernetesBabelfish is an open-source project from AWS that adds a SQL Server compatibility layer on top of Postgres, and StackGres is a platform for running Postgres on Kubernetes. You can now bring those two together.

Alvaro Hernandez

Analyzing Scans in Postgres — Understand the different types of scans and why the query planner chooses them in different situations. If you’ve seen terms like ‘sequential scan’ or ‘bitmap heap scan’ in query plans and not quite understood what they mean, this provides some (quite basic) explanations.

Zach Naimon

ORDER BY is Mandatory in SQL to Get a Sorted Result — One of those things you might implicitly know without thinking about.

Franck Pachot

Query MongoDB Like You Query Your Postgres - with SQL Using Studio 3T

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PGroonga: Extend Full Text Search Features to All Languages — Brings the Groonga fulltext search engine to Postgres which can suit certain use cases better than the Postgres default, such as with Japanese or Chinese.

PGroona Project

Cloudflare Workers Introduces Relational Database ConnectorsWorkers is Cloudflare’s globally distributed serverless function platform and they’ve added a feature for connecting functions to internally hosted relational databases (including Postgres) by way of a tunnel.

Sikand, McKeon and Yule (Cloudflare)