#​425 — October 6, 2021

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🎂  PostgreSQL 14 Released — Just over a year from the final release of Postgres 13, the next major release is here. Like with 13, 14 is what you could call an ‘evolutionary’ release with no huge new features (it's all about the little things), but a laundry list of enhancements and a sense of maturity. These things include:

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

CYBERTEC Migrator Version 3 Out Now — We've rebuilt the GUI to simplify database migrations even further: Four simple stages now guide you through the migration process and control features help to rerun a stage or abort. You can now explore the inner workings of a migration with the new log view.

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Timescale Cloud: A New Postgres-Based Cloud Database Service for Time-Series Workloads — Postgres continues its path to dominating the cloud database scene with a new offering from Timescale and their open source, time-series database extended TimescaleDB Postgres variant. This release post goes into a lot of depth as to why they think it’s a compelling offer, and they encourage you to try it out for free.

Mike Freedman (Timescale)

How Azure Shipped Postgres 14 Within One Day of its Release — If you think upgrading your Postgres install is hard, it might boggle the mind thinking about how cloud providers upgrade entire platforms. Microsoft are proud to have begun this process within 24 hours of release, and while this post doesn’t go into a lot of detail about it, it’s a good look at how they think about it and how they keep Citus involved.

Ozgun Erdogan (Microsoft)

Three Ways to Auto-Increment with Postgres — The author looks at sequences, the SERIAL data type, and the identity column, which overlap in various ways.

Laetitia Avrot

PostgreSQL 14 on Kubernetes (With Examples) — Crunchy Data has rolled out their own flavored Postgres 14 experience to PGO, the open source Postgres Operator for Kubernetes.

Jonathan S. Katz

Upgrading from Postgres 9.6 to Postgres 13 — Before you worry about upgrading to Postgres 14, maybe getting off of an older version like 9.6 is a bigger concern. Postgres 9.6, which came out five years ago now, is officially at its ‘end of life’ from November 2021.

Avinash Vallarapu

Query MongoDB Like You Query Your Postgres - with SQL Using Studio 3T

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How ÖBB – Austria's Railway Company – Moved to Postgres on Azure — A case study of how Austria’s national rail system migrated from an on-premises Oracle-based system to Azure Database for PostgreSQL.


Postgres is Still a 'Teenager'? — The author tried to find a focal point for what Postgres 14 is all about before realizing.. there isn’t one, and it’s more about a roster of smaller but solid enhancements.

Kirk Roybal

Why Are Relational DBs The Standard Instead of Graph-Based DBs? — Not Postgres-specific, but this question led to some interesting comments on Hacker News this week with the argument spanning all the way back to the 70s.

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