#​423 — September 22, 2021

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How Percentile Approximation Works (And Why It's More Useful Than Averages) — Breaks down the basics of averages vs. percentiles, complete with a real scenario (API monitoring) to demonstrate the “dangers” of relying on averages for large time-series datasets. Wraps up with a look at how percentiles work in Postgres.

David Kohn (Timescale)

Postgres 14: It's The Little Things — Postgres 14 is on the way but while many releases have what Craig calls a ‘big pillar’ or major feature, version 14 is more of a collection of small, though not unimportant, improvements and Craig picks a few of his favorites here.

Craig Kerstiens

Logical Replication Improvements Coming in Postgres 14
Amit Kapila

pganalyze Index Advisor: Ideal Postgres Index Recommendations — Our free index advisor gives index recommendations based on your database schema and statistics and your query workload and additional insights for each table scan. If you want to use the recommended ideal index, simply copy the CREATE INDEX command.

pganalyze sponsor

A Comparison Table of Postgres Schedulers — One of the developers of pg_timetable, a scheduling extension for Postgres, and a self proclaimed ‘scheduler addict’, gives a quick comparison of pg_timetable, pg_cron, pgAgent, jpgAgent, and pgbucket.

Pavlo Golub

What’s New in the Citus 10.2 Extension to Postgres — The latest news from the popular, and open source, horizontal scaling system for Postgres from Microsoft. It’s now ‘Postgres 14 ready’, has simplified partition maintenance, and improved support for indexes on columnar tables.

Onder Kalaci (Citus Data)

Amazon RDS Now Supports X2g Instances for Postgres Databases — X2g instances are memory heavy Gravton2-based instances starting at 32GB and working up to 1TB of RAM if you have the money.

Amazon Web Services

How to Automate Benchmark Tests for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL — An explanation of how to set up an automated but realistic benchmarking test system for Postgres databases on AWS Aurora.

Andrew Love (AWS)

Dealing with Broken Indexes After a Linux Upgrade“upgrading the OS running a Postgres cluster and involving a glibc library version update, or migrating a database to another machine running another OS (and glibc) version poses a little known, but very significant risk…”

Michał Mackiewicz

How to Upgrade Postgres with pglogical and Database Migration Service (DMS) — Even if you’re not using Google’s Cloud SQL service yet, you can still use their Database Migration Service to help with an upgrade to it.

Shubha Rajan (Google Cloud)

Identify Slow PostgreSQL Queries and Optimize Performance in Real‑Time

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Migrating a JPA Application from Oracle to Postgres — The Java Persistence API (JPA) is essentially a set of standards for working with relational databases to store Java objects.

Tim Zöller

Tools & Code

pglog: A Flexible and Simple Log Analyzer — If you work with numerous databases and want to quickly get a grip on any problems by analyzing the logs (locally, not in production), pglog is the extension for you.

Lætitia Avrot

node-pg-migrate 6.0: Node Powered Database Migration Management for Postgres

Salsita Software

ErrorPush: Minimalist Error Collection Service Compatible with Rollbar Clients — An open source error collection service that stores logs in a single Postgres table. Written in Python.

Haukur Rósinkranz

pgAdmin 4 v5.7 Released
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