#​421 — September 8, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

When Less is More: Database Connection Scaling — The more connections a Postgres server can handle, the better.. right? Not always. If max_connections is set to an unrealistic number, even if those connections aren’t being used, negative effects can be felt.

Richard Yen

Querying Spatial Data with PostGIS and ogr_fdwogr_fdw is a foreign data wrapper for working with various vector based GIS data formats without pulling the data into a normal Postgres table.

Kat Batuigas

🎆 What Time-Weighted Averages Are and Why You Should Care — Learn the basics of time-weighted averages, why they're so powerful for data analysis, and how to use TimescaleDB hyperfunctions to calculate them faster – all using SQL. Get tips and 5+ queries to get you started 🔥

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Aurora PostgreSQL db.r6g Compared to db.r5 with YBIO — An experiment in benchmarking Intel Xeon vs AWS Graviton 2 performance when it comes to Amazon RDS Aurora instances. Graviton fares well for its cheaper price but, as always, take benchmarks with a pinch of salt and run your own experiments because context matters.

Franck Pachot

Partitioning Use Cases with Postgres — A consideration of a variety of reasons you might want to use native partitioning.

Adrien Nayrat

An Initial Review of Psycopg3 — Psycopg3 is the successor to Psycopg2, a hugely popular way to work with Postgres from Python. Here’s a look at some of its benefits so far. Note that we interviewed Daniele Varrazzo, the creator of psycopg3, back in issue 390 if you want some more context.

Ryan Lambert

Index Bloat Reductions Coming to Postgres 14 — A look at how Postgres 14 (still in beta) reduces B-tree index bloat with snappily named “bottom-up index tuple deletion”. A test case shows the difference versus Postgres 13.

Laurenz Albe

Identify Key Metrics and Useful PostgreSQL Commands in Datadog’s Cheatsheet

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▶  Why You Should Be Deploying Postgres Primarily on Kubernetes — A potentially controversial talk :-) A 20 minute talk covering the ‘stack problem’, how Kubernetes solves it, and some of the pros and cons of running Postgres on Kubernetes.

Álvaro Hernández opinion

Shard Rebalancing in the Citus 10.1 Extension to Postgres“Whether you use Citus open source to scale out Postgres, or you use Citus in the cloud, this post is your guide to what’s new with the shard rebalancer in Citus 10.1.”

Jelte Fennema (Citus Data)