#​418 — August 11, 2021

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📋 I'm taking a rare vacation next week so Postgres Weekly will be taking a break too :-) I hope your summer (or winter, if you're in the southern hemisphere!) is going well and we'll be back on August 25.
Peter Cooper, Editor

Postgres Weekly

Grouping Sets with ROLLUP and CUBE — A grouping set is a set of columns used in a GROUP BY clause and can come in handy in OLAP queries. This post has some handy examples.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

The Impact of the Network and Cursors on Query Performance — Network related overhead isn’t often considered when we think about database or query performance, but it pays to be aware of it. Cursors are also taken into account as they can reduce initial latency on big result sets.

Jobin Augustine

CYBERTEC TDE: Transparent Data Encryption for PostgreSQL — TDE is a custom patch to PostgreSQL. It is currently the only implementation that fully supports transparent and cryptographically safe data (cluster) level encryption, independent of operating system or file system encryption. Download TDE here.

CYBERTEC sponsor

Modernizing a Familiar Approach to REST APIs, with Postgres and Cloudflare WorkersPostgREST is a tool that generates a REST API for Postgres databases and here we learn how Cloudflare Tunnel could be used to let Worker instances talk to a PostgREST instance hosted on a private network.

Kristian Freeman (Cloudflare)

A Simple Example of a LATERAL Join Use Case — A month ago we linked to a piece about understanding LATERAL joins but here’s a practical use case.

Luca Ferrari

Citus 10 Now GA in Hyperscale (Citus) for Postgres on Azure — One solely for the Azure users among you, but Azure’s own Hyperscale Postgres service now supports the latest Citus release.

Nik Larin (Microsoft)

▶  How Citus Distributes PostgreSQL — If you keep seeing references to Citus (as above) but aren’t sure just how it helps distribute Postgres, Marco Slot did a handy talk to bring you up to speed. The slides are really fantastic with lots of diagrams and examples of Citus’s operation.

Marco Slot

postgres_fdw Enhancements in Postgres 14 — A preview of some of the changes expected in the foreign data wrapper (FDW) for working with data stored in external Postgres servers.

Ibrar Ahmed

📈 How to Analyze Intraday Stock Data with Postgres, Python & TimescaleDB

Timescale sponsor

Working with Postgres Types — The author has been experimenting with sharing types between Postgres functions.

Jon Udell

10 Common Postgres Errors — Some quick fire common errors and warnings to watch out for, with symptoms and solutions, around things like memory, disk space, and permissions. (This is an older item but recently popped up on our radar again.)

Ibrar Ahmed

PureORM: A Node.js SQL Toolkit for Writing Native SQL Queries Yielding Pure Business Objects — Allows you to write regular native SQL and receive back properly structured (nested) pure business objects, as opposed to a more typical ORM where you build queries in other ways.

Craig Martin

📅 PGDAY Austria is a Postgres conference taking place in Vienna on September 17, 2021 if you're in that part of the world?