#​412 — June 30, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

Calculating Per-Operation Times in EXPLAIN ANALYZEEXPLAIN ANALYZE is a great help for digging into query performance issues but breaking down the timings can be tricky. Here’s some pointers.

Michael Christofides

PostgreSQL 14 Beta 2 Released — A month after beta 1 comes beta 2 packed with bug fixes for things people found in the first beta. As always, you can get the best idea of what’s in Postgres 14 via the draft release notes.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

An Operations-Free, Scalable & Flexible Postgres Alternative — Fauna combines the operational integrity and relational modeling of Postgres with an interface and architecture that fits better with modern app development in the cloud. The goodness of Postgres without its operational bottlenecks - Learn more about Fauna.

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A Tale of Making a Company-Wide Standard psqlrc — When you’re in a company with lots of developers and Postgres servers, it can be helpful to extend psql to show more information in its prompt to help everyone know what they’re working on. Easier said than done!

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

Creating Constraints Over Multiple Rows — An aeronautically themed example of the nuances involved in different types of transaction isolation levels and working on multiple rows.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Ask HN: Do You Self-Host Your Database? — I’ve seen the self host vs managed database debate all over the place recently, so it was neat to see Hacker News take it on. Given the audience it’s perhaps unsurprising the majority expressed a preference for maintaining full control.

Hacker News

Finding the Root Cause of Slow Postgres Queries Using EXPLAIN — An in-depth guide on how to use Postgres EXPLAIN to find and improve problematic query plans and how to use auto_explain.

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Setting up PostGIS on Ubuntu 20.04.2 — How to get PostGIS set up on Ubuntu 20.04, how to install PostGIS packages and how to install the PostGIS extension into Postgres.

Florian Nadler

Using GeoDjango and PostGIS in Django — How to get started with GeoDjango (a Django extension for building GIS webapps) and PostGIS to work with geospatial data in Postgres, gives a high level overview of different types of spatial data and then a bunch of examples.

Adeyinka Adegbenro

PostgresqlCO.NF: Postgres Configuration for Humans — An epic resource to dig into all the different settings Postgres provides, see what they’re about, and discover further resources.


pgmetrics 1.11.0: Collect and Display Stats from a Running Postgres Server — The homepage has a lot more info including example output.


Deploying pgAdmin in Kubernetes

Dave Page