#391 — February 3, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

The Unexpected Find That Freed 20GB of Unused Index Space — An interesting (and rather thorough) look at ways to free space without dropping indexes or deleting data including cleaning up unused indexes taking up space and, in particular, replacing an index containing a huge number of null values with a partial index. A lot to enjoy here!

Haki Benita

Amazon Aurora Now Supports Postgres 12 — Yes, yes, Postgres 13 is the latest version, but Aurora isn’t exactly a standard Postgres service and newer Postgres features have to reimplemented by the Aurora team because it’s not pure Postgres behind the scenes. In related news, you can now upgrade Aurora databases ‘in place’ from Postgres 11 to 12 too.

Amazon Web Services

Benchmarking the Cloud: AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure — AWS usually “wins” the cloud report. This year they didn’t. Learn about the current performance of each cloud, what tradeoffs they make, and which machines tested well (or not so well) so you can choose the best cloud configuration for your service.

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Monitoring Replication with pg_stat_replication — If you are using replication, you must make sure that your clusters are properly monitored. One approach is to use pg_stat_replication.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

pg_timetable 3.2's Asynchronous Chain Executionpg_timetable is an advanced job scheduler for Postgres that we’ve featured a few times before. This post digs into the latest version’s extra controls over job execution.

Pavlo Golub

How to Completely Uninstall and Reinstall Homebrew-Based Postgres — Is Postgres erroring with “could not read block 39” or “bad address”? If you installed Postgres via Homebrew on a Mac, here’s the quickest way to wipe the slate clean with a fresh install

Justin Searls

How to Create Custom Postgres Builds and Debian Packages — Luckily you’ll never need to do this if the latest packages for the most popular distributions are all you want, but if you do need to build your own packages, Ibrar’s experiences may prove useful.

Ibrar Ahmed

Fauna - All the Goodness of Postgres, Without Operational Bottlenecks — Fauna combines the safety of Postgres with schema flexibility, modern capabilities and limitless scale. Learn more...

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A Pre-Review of a Forthcoming Postgres Query Optimization Book“Postgres Query Optimization: The Ultimate Guide to Building Efficient Queries” is a new book due to published in March and Tom, as one of its technical reviewers, is really enthusiastic about it. We’ll feature more about the book when it’s out.

Tom Kincaid (EDB)

Quickly Document Your Postgres Database Using `psql` Meta-Commands
Mark Lane

Best Practices for Building Apps with Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Sunitha Muthukrishna (Microsoft)

How to Install PostgreSQL with pgAdmin4 on Linux Mint 20
Winnie Ondara

🔧 Tools and Code

pgAdmin 4 v4.30 ReleasedpgAdmin is a popular open source administration system for Postgres and this latest version adds a new ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagram) tool to lay out schemas in a most visual way, as well as Kerberos support.

PostgreSQL News

Logidze 1.0: Postgres-Powered Data Auditing for Ruby on Rails — Logidze tracks changes made to tables managed by Active Record by way of Postgres triggers and JSONB. It proudly claims to be the ‘fastest gem for auditing models in the Rails ecosystem.’

Vladimir Dementyev

pg-anonymizer: Anonymized Data Dumping from Postgres — A Node.js-powered tool for taking anonymized exports of databases. Sensitive data is replaced with faked data of equivalent types.

Raphaël Huchet

deno-postgres 0.5.0: A PostgreSQL Driver for Deno
Deno Drivers