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#387 — January 6, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

The Performance Impact of Idle Postgres Connections — Connections to a Postgres database consume resources even when they’re idle and this post digs into why, along with some benchmarks. If you need to get connection numbers down, consider poolers like Pgpool-II, PgBouncer or RDS Proxy (when appropriate).

Yaser Raja

Postgres is DB-Engines' 'DBMS of the Year 2020'DB-Engines is a popular DBMS knowledge base and each year they have a ‘DBMS of the Year’ based on popularity growth. Postgres has won before but took back the crown from MySQL for 2020.

Paul Andlinger and Matthias Gelbmann

Security Best Practices for PostgreSQL — Here is a framework and a series of recommendations to secure and protect a PostgreSQL database. Download white paper.

EDB sponsor

The Shibboleth of 'PostgreSQL' — A shibboleth is a custom or tradition (which can be as simple as how a word is pronounced) which distinguishes one group from another – is the pronunciation of PostgreSQL or the choice of the term Postgres one?

Laurenz Albe

Stop Worrying About Postgres Locks in Your Rails Migrations — Most common pitfalls that could happen when migrating a database, and how, at Doctolib, they mitigate them.

Thomas Hareau

Loading Data into PostGIS: An Overview — PostGIS is a popular addition for Postgres when you need to work with geospatial objects and data. Here are some tools for loading such data into a PostGIS powered database.

Kat Batuigas

Ensuring Consistent Performance After Version Upgrades with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Query Plan Management — You only need to read this if you’re using Aurora or you’re intrigued in what they’re up to tool-wise. Query Plan Management (QPM) is a feature Aurora has to compare and monitor query plans, such as across an upgrade, as here.

Lanre Showunmi (AWS)

Redirect Query Result from psql to LibreOffice Calc — Let’s say you’ve got the results of a query in psql and you want to get them into a spreadsheet (LibreOffice Calc, in this case) – here’s one (Linux focused) approach.

Pavel Stěhule

A Postgres 13 Benchmark: Memory Speed vs. TPS — Does something as simple as running 2133MHz vs 3200MHz RAM on a machine impact Postgres benchmarks? Certainly not as much as you’d think!

Greg Smith

🔧 Tools and Code

postgres-deno: A Deno Postgres Extension — Run TypeScript in your Postgres functions and triggers. Still very much a proof of concept but a neat idea and an alternative to plv8.


All-In-One and Automated Website & Database Backups — Remove backups from your to-do list in 2 minutes. Automate all your server and database backups and store them where you want.

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Database Lab Engine 2.1: Instant Clones of Large Postgres Databases for Dev Environments — Provision independent non-production environments with multi-terabyte Postgres databases in a few seconds without extra costs.


ActiveRecordExtended: Add Extended Postgres Functionality to Ruby and Rails Apps — A continuation of work done on the previously popular postgres_ext library. This adds support for things like ANY, ALL and some JSON and HSTORE operators into Active Record, a popular Ruby-based ORM famously used in Rails apps.

George Protacio-Karaszi

RPM Repository for Unsupported PostgreSQL Releases“If you are using an unsupported PostgreSQL version or Red Hat / CentOS / Scientific Linux / Oracle Linux release for some reason and need RPMs of those releases, we have archives of them.”

Devrim Gunduz

pgHoard 2.2: Postgres Backup and Restore Tooling


pgagroal 1.1.0: A High Performance Postgres Connection Pool

Red Hat Inc.