#380 — November 4, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

Election Night Prediction Modeling using PL/R in Postgres — If you're in the US, we hope your Election Day wasn’t too stressful(!) Joe Conway kept himself busy trying to run some R-based election forecasting code in Postgres. It seems to have done OK with Arizona, less so with Florida..

Joe Conway

▶  What's So Exciting About Postgres? — PostgreSQL aficionado Craig Kerstiens was on the popular Changelog podcast to talk about our favorite relational database. If podcasts aren’t your style, don’t worry, there’s a well put together transcript too.

The Changelog podcast

Postgres Build 2020 - PostgreSQL Online Conference [Free] — Listen to 25+ talks on the latest in PostgreSQL and on how PostgreSQL helps businesses. This conference will also provide wellness sessions to promote health and revitalize. Join us from December 8 - 9. Register now.

EDB sponsor

Taking a Second Look at Postgres 13's Improvements — Did you read Postgres 13’s release notes? Did you read them twice? Kaarel did and discovered a few things he wanted to highlight separate from the headline features.

Kaarel Moppel

Announcing Swarm64 DA 5.0: A Postgres Accelerator — Swarm64 is a commercial Postgres ‘accelerator’ that began life as a FPGA-driven product but is now a general extension. It’s aimed at users looking to significantly increase performance particularly for hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) workloads. And, good news, DA development licenses are now free.


PostgreSQL Gets Two New Core Team Members — We recently wrote about concerns over the make up of the Postgres core team after EDB’s acquisition of 2nd Quadrant. Andres Freund (Microsoft) and Jonathan Katz (Crunchy Data) have now joined the core team making it more organizationally diverse.

PostgreSQL News

Weekly Updates on Postgres Internals and Patches — The Postgres project is now posting weekly blog posts focusing heavily on the new patches made to Postgres. While this newsletter is more about the big picture, tutorials, and community wide releases, these posts may be useful if you want to dig deep into the technicalities of what’s happening in the Postgres repo and we’ll find a way to link to them frequently.

PostgreSQL News

Evolving pg_cron Together: Postgres 13, Audit Log, Background Workers, and Job Names — With pg_cron, you can schedule Postgres queries to run periodically, according to the familiar cron syntax, and it’s only continuing to get better through collaboration between Microsoft, Amazon, and Zalando.

Marco Slot

Migrating Interactive Analytics Apps From Redshift to Citus-Flavored Postgres — Some lessons learnt migrating an analytics dashboard from Redshift to Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL looking at how indexes enabled some performance gains and the compression benefits of JSONB.

Sai Srirampur (Citus Data)

The Future of Instrumentation Is Open: Introducing Open Source Agents — Beyond sharing our source code — New Relic agents, SDKs and projects are now available under an open source license.

New Relic sponsor

pg_statement_rollback 1.0: Server Side Rollback at Statement LevelGitHub repo.

Gilles Darold

Mammoth 1.0: A New TypeScript Postgres Query Builder — Mammoth is a new ‘no-batteries-included’ type-safe Postgres query builder for TypeScript.

Martijn de Haan

Monitoring a Postgres Cluster via Pgpool-II with Prometheus
Bo Peng