#378 — October 21, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

The Surprising Impact of Medium-Size Texts on Performance — You’ve got your small text (usernames, emails), large text (entire documents), and your ‘medium’ text (comments, descriptions).. While TOAST brings efficiencies to storing larger documents, medium-sized columns can make rows very wide and affect performance disproportionately. A rather neat deep dive complete with examples.

Haki Benita

30 Years of Continuous Postgres Development with Bruce Momjian — It’s a brief interview, but Bruce shares a few tidbits about the Postgres development process, quality, and how features make it in.

Scott Grant

[Whitepaper] Achieving High Availability with PostgreSQL — Critical business applications require availability of their backend database cluster. Discover how to setup & deploy enterprise-grade High Availability of up to four 9s. Learn the features and benefits in the Highly Available Postgres Clusters Whitepaper.

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PostgresConf.CN and PGConf.Asia 2020 Taking Place Online (November 17-20)
China PostgreSQL Association

Tuning Your Postgres Database for High Write Loads — If you set up a database as a proof of concept or to fit an initially small workload, problems can occur once things scale up including warnings like “checkpoints are occurring too frequently”. What’s going on and what can be tweaked?

Tom Swartz

How Postgres Stores 'null' Values — Good news – you almost certainly don’t need to know this, but intrigue always gets the better of me..

Movead Li

Multicorn: Python Powered Foreign Data Wrappers — Mulitcorn is a FDW but which comes with a variety of customizable subwrappers (for things like SQLAlchemy, RSS, working with the file system, or SQLite) that you can adjust.. or write your own.


pgFormatter: A Postgres SQL Syntax Beautifier — ..that can work from the terminal or on a Web server via CGI. Demo here.

Gilles Darold

Prisma’s Data Guide: PostgreSQL — Introductory PostgreSQL tutorials: learn how to configure and use Postgres to take advantage of its best features.

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Logical Replication Upgrade in Postgres
James Chanco Jr.

Working with Data Consistency Issues in Logical Replication
Elephant Tamer

How to Upgrade PostgreSQL 11 to PostgreSQL 12 with Zero Downtime — using logical replication.

💡 Tip of the Week

Comparing the feature sets of different Postgres versions

While releases aren't at a Chrome or Node-esque pace, Postgres nonetheless has numerous versions that are still in production and their featuresets overlap in various interesting ways.

Other than reading Postgres Weekly every week and memorizing all of the articles about each version, how can you keep up with how the versions of Postgres differ?

Enter: the Feature Matrix!

Covering hundreds of subpoints across categories like performance and partitioning, the matrix lets you get a simple yes or no answer to what features each significant version of Postgres contains.

Thanks to Nikolay Samokhvalov for bringing this to our attention (and he has two other great resources on that Twitter thread too).