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sqlbench: Measures and Compares The Execution Time of SQL Queries"The main use case is benchmarking simple CPU-bound query variants against each other during local development." Postgres-only for now but pull requests for other databases are welcomed. Written in Go.

Felix Geisendörfer

Using CTEs to Do a Binary Search of Large Tables with Non-Indexed Correlated Data — An interesting situation here. A query had to be optimized but no changes to the underlying schema were allowed at all, including the generation of indexes. Some clever thinking was required!

David Christensen

Managed PostgreSQL Hosting on GCP Now Available at ScaleGrid — ScaleGrid is the easiest way to manage PostgreSQL on Google Cloud Platform. Features such as Superuser Access, Custom Extensions and Slow Query Analysis. Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) to reduce hosting costs, or use our dedicated hosting. Try for free.

ScaleGrid sponsor

EDB Acquires 2ndQuadrant“Company buys other company” is rarely an exciting story but EDB (formerly EnterpriseDB) and 2ndQuadrant are big in the Postgres space and with this acquisition EDB has pledged to “push Postgres even further.”

Ed Boyajian (EDB)

What is Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL?Flexible Server is a new deployment option for Azure Database for PostgreSQL that aims to provide more fine-grained control over scaling and cost optimization (think things like stop/start, burstable compute, setting custom maintenance windows).

Sunil Agarwal (Microsoft)

zheap: Reinvented Postgres Storage for Better Bloat — Table ‘bloat’ is when a table or indexes grow in size without the actual underlying data reflecting this. zheap is a way to keep such bloat under control with a storage engine capable of running UPDATE-intense workloads more efficiently.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Some VACUUM and ANALYZE Best Practice Tips — A look at two important and commonly used features which can cause confusion.. which means a few best practices could come in very useful.

Sadequl Hussain

Why You Might Migrate Your Heroku Postgres to AWS RDS — If you’re using Heroku, their Postgres offering is pretty fantastic, but here are some arguments for not using it which, if you’re in Europe or worried about GDPR, may even have regulatory consequences.

Paweł Urbanek opinion

dropdb --force, a New Postgres 13 Feature — Super keen to drop a database ASAP even if clients are connected to it? Now you can 😂 You can also use FORCE with DROP DATABASE.

Ibrar Ahmed

Best-Practices on How to Speed Up Your Postgres Queries. Free eBook — We share our learnings from helping companies like Atlassian, Robinhood, and others speed up their queries.

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How to Fix Postgres Performance Issues with PG Extras — An introduction to a tool you can use to spot Postgres related issues in Node, Elixir and Ruby contexts. node-postgres-extras is the repo you want.

Paweł Urbanek

Postgres 13's Features Distilled — A quick, easily read roundup of Postgres 13’s main features if you didn’t catch up with our issue last week.

Kovid Rathee

dbcrossbar: Move Large Datasets Between Different Databases and Formats — Copy tabular data between databases, CSV files and cloud storage. Written in Rust.

Faraday, Inc.

Arctype: A Desktop SQL Client for Postgres and MySQL — When I saw someone tweet that this is the ‘most beautiful client I’ve used’, I had to take a look at this. spreadsheet-style data editing. Beekeeper Studio is another worth checking out that we might write more about soon.