#363 — July 8, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

Using the system_stats Extension to Monitor Postgressystem_stats is a new extension (out of EDB, formerly EnterpriseDB) made up of several stored procedures you can use to monitor Postgres (or, more accurately, the server it’s running on).

Dave Page

Generating Random Strings and Integers That Actually Aren’t — A look at creating “random-looking” coupon codes or similar strings in a PL/pgSQL function.

Josh Williams

We’ve Helped 100s of Customers Speed Up Postgres. Learn Our Best Practices — With pganalyze, companies like Robinhood are able to speed up their queries by orders of magnitude. In this ebook, we share our best practices for optimizing Postgres performance.

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Bitnine Looks to Scale Postgres with AGEAgensGraph is a transactional graph database built on Postgres but has now morphed into a new project called AGE and is being incubated by Apache.


Amazon RDS Now Works on AWS Outposts — Let’s untangle this. RDS (Relational Database Service) is AWS’s service for running Postgres (and MySQL) in the cloud. AWS Outpost is a way to take the AWS experience into your own datacenter. So now you can use AWS’s cloud database service on AWS’s hardware but within your own physical environment. OK - got it!


Using CREATE DOMAIN to Create New Data Types — If you want to create more advanced server side data type constraints than the default data types can provide, you can create your own data types (domains).

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Generated Columns vs. Triggers in Postgres 12 — Postgres 12 introduced the idea of generated columns - columns which are generated from other columns’ values. This post compares the performance against using triggers to similar ends.

Emanuel Calvo and Anthony Sotolongo

More Postgres 13 Features: Deduplication in B-Tree Indexes — Postgres 13, due later this year, has a feature that can decrease the size of B-tree indexes by way of avoiding duplication. This post includes a contrived example to show off the difference.

Hamid Akhtar

Enterprise-Ready PostgreSQL | EDB Supercharges PostgreSQL — A portfolio of service offerings to help you on your PostgreSQL journey. Data migration. Hybrid cloud. High availability.

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How Storj Migrated from Postgres to CockroachDB: Bulk Loading Performance

Jessica Grebenschikov

plpgsql_check: A PL/pgSQL Code Checker — A specialized tool for when you want to find any errors lurking in your PL/pgSQL functions. Support for functions with arguments of polymorphic types has just been added.

Pavel Stehule

Noisia: A 'Harmful Workload Generator' for Postgres — Creates things like deadlocks, transactions that do nothing and queries that produce on-disk temporary files. Why? For testing, stress-testing your setup, etc. Use carefully and with caution.

Lesovsky Alexey