#354 — May 6, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

pgModeler: A Postgres Database Modeler — An easy way to create and edit database models in a visual way. It’s packaged up as a paid product but is also open source so you can build your own.

Raphael Araújo e Silva

The Best Medium-Hard Data Analyst SQL Interview Questions — This article begins with a quote: “The first 70% of SQL is pretty straightforward but the remaining 30% can be pretty tricky.” True! This article focuses on the tricky ‘medium-hard’ area that few tutorials venture into.

Zachary Thomas

Monitor Custom Postgres Metrics in Real-Time with Datadog — Monitor and visualize Postgres performance in context end-to-end alongside the rest of your stack. Create custom, drag-and-drop dashboards to quickly view analytics on any Postgres metric. Try Datadog free.

Datadog sponsor

My Favorite PostgreSQL Extensions: Part Two — The second part of a series we linked to last week. This time, Nawaz takes a look at pgAudit, pg_repack, and HypoPG.

Nawaz Ahmed

Backup Manifests and pg_verifybackup in Postgres 13 — Postgres 13 will introduce two features to enhance the automated validation of physical backups: backup manifests and a new tool called pg_verifybackup.

Gabriele Bartolini

arm64 Packages Now on apt.postgresql.org — If you’re running ARM64 hardware and Debian or Ubuntu, you can now install Postgres via apt.

Christoph Berg

Speeding Up count(*): Why Not Use max(id) - min(id)? — A warning tale in case you decide to take this shortcut. While you might be able to estimate or fudge a number that’s close, you can’t guarantee sequences will give you an exact, correct answer here.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Using Postgres for JSON Storage — With JSON and JSONB types and associated advanced ways to query such columns, using Postgres as a store for JSON data is pretty simple. This is the briefest of overviews but leads into an interactive online tutorial.

Steve Pousty

How to Migrate From Inheritance-Based Partitioning to Declarative Partitioning — Partitioning was introduced in Postgres 10 and Postgres 11 improved the declarative partitioning support. This article demonstrates a move from inheritance based partitioning to declarative partitioning using the native features found in Postgres 11+.

Caterina Magini

Free eBook: How to Get a 3x Performance Improvement on Your Postgres Database — Learn our best practices for optimizing Postgres query performance for customers like Atlassian and how to reduce data loaded from disk by 500x.

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How to Backup Multiple Tablespaces with pg_basebackup

Ahsan Hadi

▶  Security and Compliance with Postgres — A recorded webinar that 2ndQuadrant ran recently.

Boriss Mejías

Oracle to PostgreSQL: ANSI Outer Join Syntax in Postgres — The latest in a series of blog posts about migrating to Postgres from Oracle which looks at what Postgres offers in place of Oracle’s join operators.

Kirk Roybal

An Interview with 2ndQuadrant's Jimmy Angelakos — The latest ‘PostgreSQL Person of the Week’ to face questions about his experiences with Postgres.

Andreas Scherbaum

dadbod.vim: A Modern Database Interface for Vim — A Vim plugin for interacting with numerous databases, including Postgres.

Tim Pope

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  • 🔐 Postgres Vision 2020 on June 23-24. A full attempt at an online Postgres conference across multiple days with multiple tracks.

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