#349 — April 1, 2020

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Rest assured, it's April 1 but this is a 'no April Fools allowed' issue 🙂

Postgres Weekly

A Tour of a Postgres Schema Design Process — This is aimed at users of PostGraphile, a Node.js-based tool for exposing Postgres databases via GraphQL, but it has value for anyone who’s designing a Postgres schema and covers tables, functions, triggers, roles, and some basic modelling.


pg_show_plans: Watching Execution Plans, Live — pg_show_plans is an extension that hooks into Postgres to give you a live view of all active query plans.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Free eBook: How to Get a 3x Performance Improvement on Your Postgres Database — Learn our best practices for optimizing Postgres query performance for customers like Atlassian and how to reduce data loaded from disk by 500x.

pganalyze sponsor

Amazon RDS Now Supports PostgreSQL 12 — We covered the launch of Postgres 12 last October and have linked to a lot of articles about all its neat new features since then, so if you’re an AWS user, you might be keen to know RDS now fully supports it, along with PostGIS 3.0.

Amazon Web Services

Useful Queries for Postgres Index Maintenance — Basic and useful queries for index maintenance and how to use the catalog tables in writing such queries.

Ibrar Ahmed

Postgres 13 to Enable BEFORE Row-Level Triggers for Partitioned Tables — Trigger support on partitioned tables will continue to get better.

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

Performance Differences Between Normal and Generic Audit Triggers — Triggers are useful for tracking changes in audit situations, but there are different approaches with different performance characteristics to consider.

Kaarel Moppel

Importing Spatial Data to PostGIS — A nice accessible introduction to working with spatial data.

Topi Tjukanov

▶  Best Practices for Running Highly Available Postgres in Production with Ansible Tower

Matt St. Onge and Jonathan Katz

Use Open Datasets & Open Source Tools to Chart the Spread of COVID-19 — Follow this step-by-step tutorial to run queries against COVID-19 case reports, use Grafana to plot your results on a world map, and share your findings.

Timescale sponsor

A Tale About Migrating a Postgres Database Between Providers — A story from the folks at Percona about migrating a production Postgres database between two DBaaS platforms by using an intermediate server.

Fernando Laudares Camargos

Stolon: A Cloud Native Manager for Postgres High Availability — The architecture document might help you understand how it operates.


pg_query: Use Postgres's SQL Parser from Ruby

Lukas Fittl

A Handy Postgres Command Line Options Cheatsheet

Diego Kartones

🗓 Upcoming Events

It's taken a few weeks, but all of the in-person events we had listed are now cancelled or postponed until further notice due to the COVID outbreak (Postgres Ibiza just postponed to 2021). However, it seems a few events are looking at ways to run online, so hopefully even more of us can take part.

In coming weeks, we'll devote this section to virtual events, livestreams, and similar online events. Please drop us a note if you have such an event we can promote here. Even if you're doing a single scheduled talk on Twitch or YouTube Live, say, we might be able to list it!