Postgres Weekly Issue 34
October 30, 2013
What production OS do you use with PostgreSQL?
The PostgreSQL community wants your feedback around what version of the Postgres distribution you use in production.
17 Years of PostgreSQL in 4 Minutes (video)
Here's a fun visualization of all the commits to Postgres over the years.
Testing Nested hstore
Hstore is already a great key-value store in Postgres which supports rich indexing. Work is being done, with the goal being for Postgres 9.4, to make hstore even more powerful by allowing nesting. Here’s a look at some of the performance benefits that may come along with it.
David E. Wheeler
Auto generate UUID with Postgres and Rails 4
UUIDs are great to use within your application instead of sequential IDs because they can make scaling easier later. Here’s a guide to using them directly within your application on Rails.
Denormalizing Tags
Tagging is common in a ton of applications and it can be done very efficiently within Postgres with the use of arrays. Theres also a great use of one of my personal favorite functions within here, array_agg.
Dimitri Fontaine
How To: Shove Data Into Postgres Using Goroutines (Gophers) and GoLang
Go is a language thats quickly growing in popularity, while as much about Go as it is about Postgres, here’s a nice guide on prototyping inserting data into PostgreSQL from Go and scaling it up to 1,000,000 writes.
Jared Folkins
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