Postgres Weekly Issue 33
October 23, 2013
Progress on Implementing Parallelism in Postgres
Parallelism has been desired within Postgres for a few years now. Fortunately one of the core contributors has been plugging away on it recently. Get an update directly from him here on progress.
Robert Haas
Rapid Schema Development with PostgreSQL
Postgres has had some flexibility with hstore (a key value column type) for some time, now its JSON is richer, and with PLV8 it has full JavaScript support. Andrew Godwin recently highlighted all this and how you can move faster with Postgres in many cases at Allyourbaseconf.
Andrew Godwin
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The rest
PostgreSQL Autonomous Transactions
In addition to parallelism, autonomous transactions are one of those features missing within Postgres. Fortunately you can get that functionality without too much extra effort with PL/Proxy
Dimitri Fontaine
Using Custom Composite Types in PostgreSQL
Composite types can offer you a bit more power within Postgres and can often be quite easy to work with. Here’s a specific look at using them specifically within PL/pgsql.
Pavel Stehule
post_json: A Document Database by Combining Features of Ruby, ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL with PLV8
node-pg-query-stream: Query results from node-postgres as a readable (object) stream
Query results from node-postgres as a readable (object) stream
Brian C
E-Maj 1.1.0 released
If you need logging around various groups of tables for auditing and an ability to recover from them heres an extension to help with just that.
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