#331 — November 13, 2019

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Postgres Weekly

Making Mystery-Solving Easier with auto_explain — One of this developer’s clients had a performance issue after migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. No fix seemed to work.. auto_explain to the rescue!

Richard Yen

Architecting Petabyte-Scale Analytics by Scaling Out Postgres on Azure — A case study of using Azure and Citus’s Postgres extension to significantly scale Postgres horizontally up to managing 1.5 petabytes of data (all stored on SSD!) This is the story of one very serious Postgres deployment and use case.

Claire Giordano

Your Data Is Your Business — PGX is a full-service database consultancy focused around PostgreSQL systems. Let us help you architect, build, troubleshoot and scale your PostgreSQL data systems on any platform or hosting environment.

PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. sponsor

Using Postgres as a Pub/Sub and Job Server — If you’re building app that needs some sort of pub/sub mechanism, Postgres is up to the job and here’s how LayerCI uses it. Do take care, though, as using Postgres for pub/sub has some delivery guarantee tradeoffs versus other systems.


Achieving k-anonymity with Postgres — The new version of Postgres Anonymizer gets a new form of data masking, generalization, where values are rounded/’blurred’ to be less accurate. This helps reduce the odds of being able to identify a unique individual by such values alone.

Damien Clochard

A gzip Extension for Postgres — Extensions let you bring almost any sort of functionality into Postgres that you like, and Paul has built an extension to introduce gzip functionality for compressing and decompressing data on the fly. Take care with your use case though.

Paul Ramsey

Chaos Order: Randomizing Queries to Uncover Order-Dependency“Core SQL Server architect, Conor Cunningham equates depending on query order without an ORDER BY clause to driving a car without a seatbelt..”

Alex Baldwin

Streaming Replication Setup in Postgres 12 – How to Do it Right — The way to set up a streaming replication cluster has changed slightly in Postgres 12 – here’s a walkthrough of how to do it now.

Cary Huang

Configure HAProxy with PostgreSQL Using pgsql-check — A follow-up to last week’s article about using HAProxy and xinetd, this time looking at how HAProxy’s built-in pgsql-check health check feature works for detecting if a Postgres server is still running and what type of server it is.

Jobin Augustine

📂 Code and Projects

PostgreSQL Anonymizer 0.5 Released — An extension to mask or replace personally identifiable information (PII) or commercially sensitive data.

Dalibo Labs

A Fork of pgAdmin3 Designed to Work with Postgres 12pgAdmin is a popular Web-based administration for Postgres and version 4 is out.. but if you need to use version 3 (as Abdul did) with Postgres 12, this fork is an option.

Abdul Yadi

Managed PostgreSQL by DigitalOcean — Deploy a highly scalable PostgreSQL cluster with no admin overhead.

DigitalOcean sponsor

A PostgreSQL ASCII Logo for FreeBSD Boot Loader — This is very much a little bit of fun for if you’re a FreeBSD user, though the ASCII art is here (credit to Oleg Bartunov).

Luca Ferrari

🗓 Upcoming Events

  • 2Q PGCONF 2019 (December 4-5, 2019 in Chicago) — A conference dedicated to exchanging knowledge about the world’s most advanced open source database: PostgreSQL
  • PgDay SF (January 21, 2020 in San Francisco) — A 1-day, single-track Postgres event. The CFP deadline is on Fri 22 November — and they want your talk proposals ASAP.
  • PgConf.Russia (Febuary 3-5, 2020 in Moscow, Russia) — One day of tutorials and two days of talks in three parallel sessions.
  • PGConf India (Febuary 26-28, 2020 in Bengaluru, Maharashtra, India) — A dedicated training day and a multi-track two-day conference.
  • pgDay Paris 2020 (March 26, 2020 in Paris, France) — Learn more about the world’s most advanced open source database among your peers.