Postgres Weekly Issue 31
October 9, 2013
A Postgres 9.3 Overview [PDF]
Postgres 9.3 is still fairly fresh enough that most people haven’t upgraded yet. If you need to find a good excuse you can likely find it in this clear and concise presentation on Postgres 9.3 features.
Bruce Momijan
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The rest
The Cost of Reliability
Checksums are one of the less talked about features that came with Postgres 9.3. Here’s a dive into the performance overhead they incur. While valid improvements to usability can be made they can definitely made the case of identifying corruption a much easier one, thus allowing fixes to happen more proactively.
eVOL Monkey DBA
Radius Queries in Postgres
Postgres is packed with several useful extensions right out of the box. Whether its full text search, a key value data store, or something else its likely already available. Here’s a great highlight of one such extension to compute distance between points.
Hstore Development for 9.4 Release
Years ago we got hstore within Postgres, a flexible key-value datatype. Postgres 9.2 brought JSON, and shortly after came PLV8. All of these have their limitations and from the developer that brought us hstore some improvements are underway for Postgres 9.4 to solve many of these issues in one fell swoop.
PostgreSQL Views Screencast
A (paid) screencast from Mark Bates.
Database Administrator at Uber (San Francisco, CA)
Uber is an ambitious and exciting company dedicated to disrupt the transportation industry. They’re looking for a database admin with PostgreSQL DBA experience, solid fundamentals in database management, and knowledge of PostgreSQL 9 onward.