Postgres Weekly Issue 30
October 2, 2013
Exploring Query Locks in Postgres
Ever been confused on how MVCC or locks work in Postgres? This is a great deep dive into how it all works and how you can take advantage of the functions to investigate your database further.
Manuel Kniep
Announcing PostgreSQL Studio 1.0
An open-source, web-based GUI for PostgreSQL. It allows users to manage and query their database from a browser. Version 1.0 of PostgreSQL Studio is distributed under the PostgreSQL License.
PostgreSQL Blog
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The rest
From PG Open 2013: The Postgres Optimizer
The Postgres Optimizer is a both elegant and mysterious part of PostgreSQL. Robert Haas gave a talk on this at Postgres Open, you can grab slides here or check out this write-up on his talk.
Extra JSON Functions Needed
The JSON functions available in Postgres 9.3 make the JSON datatype as useful as ever. With that said there’s always room for improvement, here’s a call for input from the creator for what additional functions that would make it even better.
The Power of Enums
Enums while common at other times in languages aren’t an overly used feature in databases. Yet they can be incredibly powerful as demonstrated here.
Relatabase - Using Postgres Arrays with Rails 4
Few applications don’t take advantage of arrays, Postgres has had support for arrays for years as well. Now you can work with them natively from Ruby on Rails.
And what about pg_cron with background workers?
Background workers in PostgreSQL 9.3 make managing background jobs as easy as ever directly within Postgres. Here’s a dive into the concept of cron within Postgres and how it may look.