#285 — December 12, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

How to Upgrade Postgres 10 to 11 with Zero Downtime — The old way to accomplish upgrades on PostgreSQL used to be using pg_upgrade, dumping and restoring, or using some third party tools, but logical replication now opens up a reasonably painless zero downtime approach.

Sebastian Insausti

How To Build a Real-Time App with GraphQL Subscriptions on Postgres — A walkthrough of building a real-time polling app using Postgres, GraphQL, and React with no specific back-end code (it uses Hasura’s GraphQL service running on Heroku - all for free).

Sandip Devarkonda

Monitoring Your PostgreSQL Database with Telegraf and InfluxDB — Learn how to monitor Postgres using InfluxDB, the fastest growing time series database built from the ground up for metrics and events.

InfluxData sponsor

Keeping Postgres Tidy with Partitioning“If you are in doubt whether partitioning is a useful tool with this one example I’m hoping you won’t wonder any further.”

Alexey Lesovsky

▶  How Does Postgres Actually Work? — It’s a year old but somehow we missed this neat talk from a Postgres core team member that digs into a lot of Postgres technicalities (particular on query parsing and planning) in a very accessible way.

Peter Eisentraut

Amazon RDS Supports Publishing Postgres Logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

How to Performance Test Postgres Locally on macOS — A Mozilla engineer shares how he uses pghero and Docker to performance test PG locally.

Peter Bengtsson

Prepared Transactions and Their Dangers — You’re almost certainly not going to need to use prepared transactions unless you’re building a transaction manager but if you’re curious..

Laurenz Albe

Allocating work_mem Among Sessionswork_mem lets you perform larger sorts in memory which, if you have the memory, will trump disk-based equivalents.

Bruce Momjian

Evaluating High Availability Solutions for TimescaleDB and Postgres“How we evaluated several third-party tools and ultimately selected Patroni as our preferred method.”

Lee Hampton

Databases vs. Encryption — A look at an approach where encryption is offloaded to a separate trusted component, implemented as a custom data type, which yields some benefits over the more common options of full-disk encryption or using pgcrypto.

Tomas Vondra

Read Our Take on What’s New in PostgreSQL 11 — Severalnines provides deployment, monitoring and management for PostgreSQL databases.

Severalnines sponsor

Orafce: Oracle Compatibility Functions for Postgres — Orafce implements some of the functions from Oracle database that might be useful for users migrating to Postgres. A new release last week adds support for Postgres 11.


🗓 Events

FOSDEM PGDay 2019 February 1, 2019 (Brussels, Belgium) An extension to the regular PostgreSQL activities at FOSDEM.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe October 15–18, 2019 (Milan, Italy) The 11th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe, a day of instructor-led training followed by three days of world-class PostgreSQL presentations and a superb hallway track.