#283 — November 28, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Ten Ways to Expand the Functionality of Postgres — There are many different extensions to adapt Postgres to your specific needs. This post looks at some of the most popular ones including PostGIS and pgAudit.


Generating 'Sequential' UUIDs in Postgres — UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) are a popular alternative to integers for row IDs and having them be sequential can make them more useful than truly random UUIDs. sequential-uuids is an extension that makes this possible.

Tomas Vondra

When It's Critical, You Can Count on Us — 2ndQuadrant support engineers have over 100 years of combined code contributions to the PostgreSQL project. We provide a guaranteed 15 minute response time and 24-hour bug fix - recovering your database quickly with minimal downtime.

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Services sponsor

Implicit vs. Explicit SQL Joins — A post that aims to shed some light on the difference between implicit (where you select multiple tables and use a condition to join them) and explicit joins (using SQL’s JOIN clause).

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

How Postgres is More Than a Relational Database: Extensions — We’ve already mentioned extensions (above) but here we get a brief tour of extensions and how they can make Postgres into much more than a relational database.

Craig Kerstiens

Best Practices for Migrating an Oracle Database to Postgres on AWS — An Oracle to Postgres migration can be a complex process with different technologies and skills involved so Amazon has put together a three part blog series in case you need to do this with RDS or Aurora.

Amazon Web Services

Easy Running Totals with Windowing Functions in Postgres

Denis Gobo

Postgres's SSLMODE Explained — When you connect to your database, Postgres uses the sslmode parameter to determine the security of the connection.

Andrew Kane

The Best Postgres Feature You're Not Using: CTEs aka. WITH Clauses

Craig Kerstiens

Five Cool Things Learned at the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2018 — This blog provides some insights into the coolest things shared at the 2018 PostgreSQL Conference Europe.

Achilleas Mantzios

7 Tips from Marco Slot for Dealing with Postgres Locks — How to avoid common mistakes dealing with Postgres locks: 7 tips from building apps on top of Postgres and Citus.

CITUS DATA sponsor

EnterpriseDB Unveils Its EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service — EnterpriseDB are offering a managed Postgres service on AWS. Compatibility with Oracle is a key feature.


🗓 Events

Pg Down Under 2018 December 7 (Melbourne, Australia) PG Down Under 2018 is the second annual conference which provides a unique opportunity for PostgreSQL Developers and Users to meet, learn, grow relationships.

PGConf.ASIA 2018Decemeber 10-12 (Tokyo, Japan) The largest PostgreSQL event in Asia.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe October 15–18, 2019 (Milan, Italy) The 11th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe, a day of instructor-led training followed by three days of world-class PostgreSQL presentations and a superb hallway track.