#281 — November 7, 2018

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Debugging Postgres 11 Procedures with OmniDB DebuggerOmniDB is an open source, interactive database management tool and it already has support for debugging Postgres 11 procedures as demonstrated here.


Materialized Views vs. Rollup Tables in Postgres — Materialized views are often used to make reporting faster, however another approach (rollup tables) can have some advantages while delivering the same benefits.

Craig Kerstiens

2Q PGConf 2018 - Hands-on PostgreSQL Training with Experts — Get hands-on PostgreSQL training with local experts at 2Q PGConf 2018 in Chicago on December 4. Courses include: PostgreSQL Database Security, PostgreSQL Multi-master Replication, & PostgreSQL Performance Tuning. Special discounted rate for this date.

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How to Create a Single Endpoint for a Replication Setup with HAProxy — PostgreSQL clients usually talk to a single endpoint, but what happens when you use a replication setup? HAProxy (a genuinely amazing TCP and HTTP proxy) can be used to distribute traffic quite easily.

Sebastian Insausti

TimescaleDB 1.0 Now Production Ready — We mentioned the release candidate several weeks ago, but the time-series database built on top of Postgres (as an extension) is now truly production ready.

Mike Freedman

'Killed Index Tuples': A Little Known Performance Feature — Describes ‘killed index tuples’, a little-known feature that can help explain variations in index scan execution time.

Laurenz Albe (Cybertec)

Setting Up a RESTful API with Express.js and Postgres — A nice straightforward tutorial aimed at beginners.

Tania Rascia

Tracking Foreign Keys Throughout a Schema — An efficient way to track down key usage where naming standards for using the key had not always been followed.

Magnus Hagander

A Tip When Using Makefiles to Build PostgreSQL — Quite an edge case but if you’ve run into trouble with using Make to trigger Postgres builds, this tip could save you some headaches.

Andreas Scherbaum

Real-Time Postgres Performance Monitoring — Correlate PostgreSQL metrics with data from your distributed infrastructure, applications, and logs. Start a free trial.

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Slonik: A Node.js Postgres Client with Strict Types, Detail Logging and Assertions — Built on top of the pg library, Slonik provides more niceties and convenience methods.

Gajus Kuizinas

🗓 Events

Pg Down Under 2018 December 7 (Melbourne, Australia) PG Down Under 2018 is the second annual conference which provides a unique opportunity for PostgreSQL Developers and Users to meet, learn, grow relationships.

PGConf.ASIA 2018 December 10-12 (Tokyo, Japan) The largest PostgreSQL event in Asia.

FOSDEM PGDay 2019 February 1, 2019 (Brussels, Belgium) An extension to the regular PostgreSQL activities at FOSDEM.