#278 — October 17, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Managing Backup and Replication for Large Postgres Databases — Postgres has different models for making backups with various pros and cons, but at scale this company swears on Barman, pg_basebackup and pg_receivewal.

Flavio Gurgel

PostgreSQL 11 Release Candidate 1 Released — The first release candidate of the next major Postgres version is here. All being well, the final release might be tomorrow but that depends on how well this RC does :-) Here’s a neat roundup of some of what’s new.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

2Q PGConf 2018 - Schedule Out Now — Join us in Chicago to learn about recent achievements & exciting future developments in PostgreSQL. You can also participate in hands-on training with experts covering: Multi-master Replication, Performance Tuning, & PostgreSQL Security.

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Events sponsor

Ideas for Scaling Postgres to Multi-Terabyte and Beyond — A casual roundup of some of the features and approaches Postgres can accommodate for working with truly large datasets.

Kaarel Moppel

How to Manage Connections Efficiently in Postgres (or Any Database) — Connection management and the cost of those connections are things you won’t pay attention to when starting but which can cause issues later on. Brandur breaks down the basics of connections in Postgres, and how to better handle them with connection pooling.

Brandur Leach

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports New Minor Versions 10.5, 9.6.10, 9.5.14, 9.4.19, and 9.3.24

Amazon Web Services

PostgreSQL 11: What's New — Another in a long line of Postgres 11 roundups now that the final release is imminent.


Understanding Check Constraints in PostgreSQL — A check constraint is a type of integrity constraint which specifies a requirement that must be met by each row in a database table.

Joshua Otwell

Tracking Row Changes Using Public/Private Key Signing — A way to help guard against malicious structural or data changes in certain situations.

Ibrar Ahmed

Autoprewarm: A New Feature in pg_prewarmpg_prewarm can be used to load relation data into either the OS or Postgres buffer cache. In PG 11, you’ll be able to auto-prewarm where buffers will get reloaded after a server restart.

Postgres Rocks

▶  Power of Indexing in PostgreSQL — Covers the different types of indexes supported by Postgres, how to find missing and unused indexes, an overview of GIN and GiST indexes and more.

Pavan Deolasee

PostgreSQL Management & Automation - Free Whitepaper — Explore the challenges managing PostgreSQL & how to effectively handle the tasks that come with administration.

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PGTune: A Web Tool to Create Postgres Configuration Settings — Pick your version of Postgres, say what sort of usage you have, total RAM, etc. and it generates some config settings that will be better than the defaults (though you will still have tweaking to do).

Alexey Vasiliev

pgFormatter: A Postgres SQL Syntax Beautifier — ..that can work from the terminal or on a Web server via CGI. Demo here.

Gilles Darold

🗓 Events

PGConf.EU 2018 - Conference Schedule October 23 - 24 (Lisbon, Portugal) The lineup of exciting talks has been published.

PGDay.Seoul 2018 November 3 (Seoul, South Korea) PostgreSQL Korean Users group prepared the third half day event. All presentations are in Korean.

Pg Down Under 2018 December 7 (Melbourne, Australia) PG Down Under 2018 is the second annual conference which provides a unique opportunity for PostgreSQL Developers and Users to meet, learn, grow relationships.