#276 — October 3, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

pgCenter: Stress Free Postgres Stats — An open-source CLI admin tool for working with Postgres activity statistics. Now newly written in Go.

Alexey Lesovsky

Sequence Caching: Oracle vs. Postgres — Sequence caching is when a DB pre-generates sequence values in advance making them quicker to provide when needed. Don reflects on how they differ between Postgres and Oracle.

Don Seiler

News: Alibaba Cloud Expands Technical Partnership with EnterpriseDB — ...to provide enhanced Postgres cloud database capabilities on Alibaba Cloud.

EnterpriseDB sponsor

Why The European Space Agency Uses Postgres — A look into the world of space exploration and time-series and geospatial data and how it all comes together in the ESA’s use case for Postgres and TimescaleDB.

Andrew Staller

Scaling Postgres using Connection Poolers and Load Balancers for an Enterprise Grade Environment

Avinash Vallarapu et al.

SELECT DISTINCT ON: Not Your Normal DISTINCT“perfect when you have groups of data that are similar and want to pull a single record out of each group, based on a specific ordering”

Brady Holt

The 'O' in ORDBMS: Postgres's Inheritance Support — Postgres’s support for inheritance opens up interesting database design possibilities and if you’re not familiar with it, this is a gentle intro.

Achilleas Mantzios

5x Faster Spatial Joins with this One Weird Trick“For a 50% storage penalty, on a table that has far more large objects than most spatial tables, we achieved a 500% performance improvement. Maybe we shouldn’t apply compression to our large geometry at all?”

Paul Ramsey

Per-Table Autovacuum Tuning — A lot of Postgres administrators are familiar with tweaking their vacuuming setup, but what about on a table-by-table basis?

Keith Fiske

A History Lesson on SQL Joins in Postgres — Since widely different SQL queries can yield the same result, Postgres’s query planner works hard to find the most efficient way to execute JOINs.

Dimitri Fontaine

Why Do We Install Postgres as root? — Ever wonder why Postgres installs as the root user? Well here is your answer.


Speed Up UPDATEs & DELETEs Across All Cores in a Distributed Cluster — By using high performance distributed DML with subqueries. Benchmarking data included: Citus vs. others.

Citus Data sponsor

PL/R: R Procedural Language Support for Postgres — PL/R lets you write Postgres functions using R, the popular statistical computing language. A new version has just been released which introduces Postgres 11 support.

Joseph E. Conway

🗓 Events

PostgresConf South Africa 2018 October 9-10 (Johannesburg, South Africa) An opportunity for the database administration and developer community to exchange ideas and learn about current features and upcoming trends.

2Q PGConf 2018 December 4-5 (Chicago) A conference dedicated to exchanging PostgreSQL knowledge.

PGCONF.ASIA 2018 Decemeber 10-12 (Tokyo, Japan) PGConf.ASIA 2018 is an international conference for PostgreSQL. Come and join this one of the largest PostgreSQL conference held in Asia.