#271 — August 29, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

A Missing Link in Postgres 11: Fast Column Creation with Defaults — Adding a non-nullable default in Postgres used to be a bit of a pain in production. This all changes with this upcoming improvement in Postgres 11.

Brandur Leach

PostgreSQL Concurrency: The Series — Ever wonder what MVCC is or how concurrency works for multiple users connecting and running queries at the same time? We’ve linked to some parts of this series over the past few months but now here’s the full roundup.

Dimitri Fontaine

Real-time Postgres Performance Monitoring — Collect out-of-the-box and custom Postgres metrics and correlate them with data from your distributed infrastructure and applications. Gain real-time performance insights and set intelligent alerts with Datadog. Try it free for 14-days.

Datadog sponsor

GraphQL Server Tutorial with Apollo Server and Express — An epic Node/JavaScript-based tutorial on building a GraphQL server that uses Postgres behind the scenes for the storage.

Robin Wieruch

A Look at Real World SSD Wearout — You might wonder what SSD lifetimes have to do with Postgres.. well, in this case a particular SELECT query caused heavy SSD load and led to wearout.

Pavel Trukhanov

Foreign Data Wrappers in Postgres and a Closer Look at postgres_fdw — FDWs let you treat remote data sources as if they were local tables and this tutorial demonstrates their basic use.

Jobin Augustine

Indexes on Rails: How to Make The Most of Your Postgres Database“Optimizing database queries is arguably one of the fastest ways to improve the performance of the (Ruby on) Rails applications.” Read this post to see how.

Karol Galanciak

Postgres Streaming Replication vs Logical Replication

Joshua Otwell (Severalnines)

Replication from Percona Server for MySQL to Postgres using pg_chameleon

Avinash Vallarapu

Fast Full-Text Search in Postgres — Already a Postgres user and don’t want to set up ElasticSearch for your full-text search needs? Lean on Postgres’s own features as demonstrated here.

Austin G. Walters

psql Tips and Tricks — Several brief tips for working with Postgres’s default interactive tool.


Is ACID a Priority or Not? Can MongoDB Decide?

EnterpriseDB sponsor

Rendering the Mandelbrot Set with SQL in Postgres — Not super useful but a very interesting query to get your head around.

PostgreSQL wiki


PostgresOpen SV 2018 September 5-7 (San Francisco, CA) Two days packed with tutorials and presentations about PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Day 2018 September 10 (Portland, Oregon) A day of presentations about PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2018October 23-26 (Lisbon, Portugal)