#262 — June 27, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Architecture and Tuning of Memory in Postgres Databases — An overview of Postgres memory management, the configuration parameters available, and tips on how to optimize them.


Why is Postgres Running Slow? Tips and Tricks to Get to the Source — Tips and tricks for identifying issues in your PostgreSQL setup and how to tune it to drive performance.

Brian Fehrle

Tuning PostgreSQL for sysbench-tpccDid you know sysbench-tpcc also works with PostgreSQL? This post evaluates sysbench-tpcc in PostgreSQL. Read to find out if performance was increased.

Percona sponsor

Static and Dynamic Pivots — Postgres’s SQL dialect doesn’t have a PIVOT feature like Oracle or SQL Server but it’s still possible to pivot data.

Daniel Vérité

Parallel Index Scans in Postgres — Parallelism started landing in Postgres 2 releases ago, and in the forthcoming Postgres 11 there’s additional support for parallelism with index scans.

Amit Kapila

Fun with SQL: Functions in Postgres — A look at a few handy functions available in Postgres including array_agg, array_to_string, date_trunc and some JSON operators.

Craig Kerstiens

Using pg_dump and pg_dumpall to Backup PostgreSQL — pg_dump and pg_dumpall are popular tools used to backup PostgreSQL. Here’s how to use them, with some tips for ensuring you have a proper backup strategy.

Joshua Otwell

Upgrade Your Partitioning From Inheritance to Declarative — Moving from the pre-Postgres 10 way of thinking to the more modern, lower maintenance approach.

Ashutosh Bapat

How Postgres Plans Queries Involving Foreign Tables

Ashutosh Bapat

A Pentester's Basic Guide to PostgreSQL Hacking — If you need to secure a Postgres install, it’s handy to see what the basic approaches being used by the hackers are.

Netscylla Cyber Security

Learn How to Manage and Automate PostgreSQL

Severalnines sponsor

Better Date Manipulation in Postgres Queries

Derrick Carr


PGConf UK 2018 July 2 - 3 (London, UK) Will be held on July 3, with an optional training day on July 2, and will be hosted at 30 Euston Square.

PGDay.Amsterdam July 12 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Meet & learn from other PostgreSQL users, developers and anyone who’s interested in the most advanced open source database.

PGConf Brazil 2018 August 3 - 4 (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Two day conference with talks, tutorials, Couch Clinic, FishBowl and Lightning Talks.