Postgres Weekly Issue 26
September 4, 2013
Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2013
The full conference schedule is now available for PG Conf EU which is happening at the end of October in Ireland. If you’re arleady planning to be there we’d love to chat with you there, and if you need more motivation just give the list of talks a look.
Playing with Large Objects in Postgres
Postgres has a feature that lets you store large objects (up to 4 terabytes in size) in the database using dedicated catalog tables. Michael Paquier looks at some of the functionality.
Michael Paquier
PostgreSQL Sequences and Array Column Types
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The rest
Window Functions
Window functions continue to be an area that a lot of people find useful but an equal number remain confused by. Here’s another great attempt at simplifying them.
Dimitri Fontaine
Tuple Flensing II: Treating Postgres Corruption
If you made it through last week's feature on treating corruption in Postgres then make sure to give this follow on a look to get the full conclusion.
Dumb Simple PostgreSQL Performance (NYCPUG)
There can be plenty to worry about when it comes to paying attention to your database’s performance. A talk at the recent NY Postgres Users Group aimed to help simplify this.
Tom Brander: Use the Production DB in Dev
140 characters of wisdom about using Postgres in dev/staging and production environments to minimize bugs.
PostGIS 2.1.0 Released