Postgres Weekly Issue 25
August 28, 2013
PostgreSQL 9.3 RC1 Available for Testing
Release of Postgres 9.3 is just around the corner, packed with great features such as materialized views, foreign data wrappers, and lateral joins theres sure to be something you want in this release. Give it a try today and if on a Mac take a look at the release.
PostgreSQL news
PG Commander 1.0.0
From the person helping maintain there's now a better admin for working with Postgres on OS X. If you’re looking for something better than PgAdmin, give it a try.
From our sponsor
Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
There's a lot to worry about when building your application; ensuring your database is secured, backed up, available shouldn't have to be part of that. Let Heroku Postgres focus on keeping your database running so you can take advantage of all the awesome features within Postgres.

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The rest
4 Tips for Working with Dates in PostgreSQL
Dates are annoying to work with in almost any language, though with all of Postgres' built in functions and tooling it becomes manageable. Of course, knowing what to search for can be confusing so here's a few tips if you're unfamiliar with what's available.
Tuple Flensing: Treating Postgres Corruption
Dig into this incredible narrative of identifying, investigating, and finally fixing data corruption within Postgres. It's not for the faint of heart.
Auditing Changes with Hstore
Hstore is an incredibly flexible datatype. Should you want to track and possibly audit changes to your data, here’s a real world example of how hstore can help.
Makara: a read-write splitting adapter for Active Record
A great way to quickly scale your database without complicated sharding is sending writes one way and reads another. If you’re using ActiveRecord here's a gem to help make that a little easier for you.
PostGIS and Rails: A Simple Approach
PostGIS is a geospatial extension for PostgreSQL that allows you to perform a ton of geometric and geographic operations directly within Postgres. Nick Gauthier looks at how you can use it in conjunction with Rails.