#255 — May 9, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

High Availability and Scalable Reads in Postgres — A detailed primer on streaming replication, complete with performance measurements.

Lee Hampton

The 'Point' Data Type in Postgres — Continuing his series on Postgres data types, Dimitri takes a thorough look at point, a data type to represent a position on a 2D plane (i.e. X, Y coordinates).

Dimitri Fontaine

Why PostgreSQL? An Overview of the Features that Make PostgreSQL Unique — Discover some of the essential features of PostgreSQL that can help your business today.

Percona sponsor

Avoiding 'OR' for Better Query Performance — A look at different kinds of queries using SQL’s OR and how to rewrite them without OR for better performance on Postgres.

Laurenz Albe

PostgreSQL at the Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit — An interesting update on the recent Postgres’s fsync() surprise issue and what options and solutions are in the pipeline.


All About Tablespaces in Postgres — Tablespaces essentially let you control the disk/file layout of a Postgres database, so you could place certain indexes on faster disks, etc.


How Analysis Helped Make a Query 290 Times Faster — The quick tale of making a single query 290x faster by working with EXPLAIN ANALYZE.

Yulia Oletskaya

Experiences with Running Postgres on Kubernetes — An interview that contains some tips on how to approach running Postgres within Kubernetes.


It's The Future (for Databases) — What does the future hold for databases? It may or may not have something to do with Postgres.

Craig Kerstiens

Real-Time Postgres Performance Monitoring. Try Datadog Free

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Running ANALYZE in Parallel on Postgres Databases — A Python tool to run analyze on multiple tables in parallel.

Yogesh Jadhav

pgfutter: Import CSV and JSON Into Postgres The Easy Way

Lukas Martinelli

The Best Extract, Transform & Load Tools for Migrating to Postgres — What ETL is and what tools are available to help you migrate your data to Postgres.

Venkata Nagothi


Postgres Vision 2018 June 5-6 (Boston, USA) Postgres in the Cloud - Front and center at Postgres Vision 2018.

PGDay.IT 2018 June 28 - 29 (Pacengo di Lazise, Italy) The Italian conference dedicated to PostgreSQL.

PGConf UK 2018 July 2- 3 (London, UK) Will be held on July 3, with an optional training day on July 2, and will be hosted at 30 Euston Square.