#253 — April 25, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Date, Timestamp, and Time Zones in Postgres — Dimitri Fontaine continues to walk through the various Postgres datatypes. Here we see how easy and valuable working with time directly in Postgres can be.

Dimitri Fontaine

Postgres 10, Performance and You — ‘Only’ a slidedeck for now, but they do a great job of summarizing some of the new performance-impacting features in Postgres 10 and 9.6.

Gabriel Enslein

JackDB: A Modern Database Client — JackDB is a web-based database client with built-in tools for security and collaboration. Sign up for a free trial today.

JackDB, Inc. sponsor

The Official Postgres Homepage Gets a Redesign — The first major redesign in a long time. It’s clean, simple, and responsive. You can still see the older layout in the docs section if you want to compare.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

PostgreSQL's fsync() Surprise — When IO errors occur and Postgres isn’t notified, databases can get corrupted. What’s in the future for dealing with this? P.S. LWN is usually a subscriber-only site, so if you like their stuff, consider signing up.


Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Now Generally Available — Backed by Google’s 24x7 SRE team, high availability with automatic failover, and SLA. It’s based around standard Postgres, supports lots of useful extensions and works on instances with up to 416GB of RAM.

Google Cloud Platform

Has The Time Finally Come for PostgreSQL? — Postgres has long been a solid database, many have used it reliably for year and now it’s time may be here for us in larger enterprise situations.


Postgres as the Substructure for IoT and the Next Wave of Computing? — How PostgreSQL accidentally became the ideal platform for IoT applications and services.

Ajay Kulkarni

Upgrading Postgres from 9.4 to 10.3 with pglogical

Douglas J Hunley

Getting Started with Patroni for Highly Available Postgres — Postgres comes with built-in replication, but it doesn’t have out of the box HA. One of the more popular solutions for implementing HA with Postgres is Patroni.


Anonymising Email Addresses for GDPR and Safe Development — A simple SQL statement to update a user table.

Pete Graham

Percona Expands Services Offerings with PostgreSQL Support

Percona sponsor

How To Index Your Database — Think you knew about indexes, the slides from this recent talk may still teach you a thing or two. A great guide on foundational principles as well as practical tips.

Baron Schwartz