#244 — February 21, 2018

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— The Postgres Weekly Team

PostgreSQL Rocks, Except When It Blocks: Understanding Locks — An exploration of Postgres’s behavior around locking, a key part of making transactions work safely.

Marco Slot

JackDB: A Modern Database Client — JackDB is a web-based database client with built-in tools for security and collaboration. Sign up for a free trial today.

JackDB, Inc. sponsor

A Postgres Row Level Security Primer — Row Level Security (RLS) allows an administrator to define if a user should be able to view or manipulate specific rows of data in a table.

Jonathan S. Katz

Postgres 10 Parallel Queries and Performance — Parallel query support is enabled by default in Postgres 10, but how much does it improve performance?

Ryan Lambert

An Overview of Database Indexing in Postgres — A high level overview of the types of index and related terminology.

Achilleas Mantzios

Bump Charts in Pure PostgreSQL — Bump charts are plots of values’ relative ranks instead of the values themselves.

Ben Garvey

A particularly complex 'bump chart'

You’re an Expert in Your Market, We’re the Experts with Your Data

Command Prompt, Inc. sponsor

Waiting for Postgres 11: Support All SQL:2011 Options for Window Frame Clauses

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

A Proposal for More Flexible Full Text Search — An overview of work being done to make full text search configuration more flexible.

Aleksandr Parfenov

PostgreSQL Maximum Table Sizes — The effective limit used to be 32 terabytes, became 2 exabytes in Postgres 10, and will be 131 yottabytes in Postgres 11 due to the resolution of an interesting bug.

Simon Riggs

Creating activity feeds in PostgreSQL 9.5

Piotr Okoński

How to Decode and Understand Postgres's Error Logs

Viorel Tabara

The 'null' Pitfall in SQL — Using != in a WHERE clause won’t match nulls - you’d need IS DISTINCT FROM for that.

Tanin Na Nakorn

SelectStar: Turn Database Monitoring Information into Actionable Insight

SelectStar sponsor

pg_rational: A Precise Fractions Type for Postgres — Stores fractions as two 64 bit integers.

Joe Nelson

Advanced SQL: Common Table Expressions — The latest in a series discussing advanced SQL concepts in the context of how they improve more elementary SQL. This time, temporary in-query tables in the form of common table expressions (CTE).

Michal Konarski

An example of a Common Table Expression (CTE) in an SQL query