Postgres Weekly Issue 2
March 20, 2013
A lot of new subscribers this week - thanks for joining us! If you missed issue 1, you can catch up here. As before, if you want to recommend anything for a future issue, tweet @craigkerstiens and he'll consider it.
This week
GIN: Just A Kind Of Index
Postgres has support for a range of indexes including B-Tree, Gin, and others. Each has their own benefits. Cybertec highlights the benefits of GIN (Generalized Inverted Index) and how it works here.
Building Faceted Search With PostgreSQL
Postgres has a flexible text search capability in its full-text search. Find out how you can go slightly beyond that to get faceted search out of Postgres with limited extra effort.
Loading Useful Modules in PLV8
V8 is a powerful JavaScript engine that powers browsers including Chrome and Safari, but now Postgres too. Andrew Dunstan explains here how to load other modules into Postgres' PLV8 to take advantage of the powerful JS engine already available.
Announcing MoSQL: Live Data Replication from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
Whether planning a full database migration or moving data for reporting data migrations are an intensive process. Stripe's released their tool which replicates live datasets from MongoDB to Postgres. If you're running both a MongoDB instance and Postgres check this one out.
Postgres 9.3 Feature Highlight: Writable Foreign Tables
A new set of APIs for foreign data wrappers has been added to allow writable operations on foreign sources.
upsert: Easily Upserting (Merging) from Ruby
A Ruby library to make it easy to upsert (merge) on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates merge functions for MySQL and PostgreSQL; on SQLite3, uses INSERT OR IGNORE.