Postgres Weekly Issue 17
July 3, 2013
PostgreSQL 9.3 Beta 2 Now Available
The second beta release of PostgreSQL 9.3 is now available. This beta contains updated and debugged previews of all of the features which will be available in version 9.3, and is ready for testing by the worldwide PostgreSQL community.
Postgres 9.3 Feature Highlight: Data Checksums
Postgres 9.3 release is just around the corner, and theres some great features within it. Michael Paquier highlights a not overly sexy, but very valuable feature in 9.3 here - checksums around your data.
PostgreSQL as a Schemaless Database
Want to see how Postgres measures up against MongoDB for performance. Here's a great set of slides from a talk at FOSDEM 2013, which tries to be as fair as possible, showing where MongoDB wins and where Postgres whens when dealing with schema-less datasets.
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Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
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The rest
How to build a PostgreSQL server that weighs less than 20Mb
With a growth of adoption of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, systems are now everywhere. Fortunately if you're looking to store data on them Postgres can come along for the ride. Here's a good guide for getting started building Postgres at only 20MB for embedded systems.
Pivoting in Postgres
SQL is known for being a reporting language, and even when it seems painful to work with you still can probably do much of what you need within Postgres. A great example of this is the tablefunc extension allowing you to create a pivot table on your data directly in Postgres. Theres no need for Excel or Google Docs anymore - you can do it all with Postgres!
Postgres devel: some psql tricks
Continuing from a recent trend of articles on using and taking advantage of psql as your query, here's another great one showing various psql tips and tricks. Some included tricks are saving queries, customizing verbosity, and more.
CopperEgg PostgreSQL Monitoring
If you're running your own PostgreSQL server monitoring is a must. CopperEgg is now one more option available to you, adding support for Postgres now.