Postgres Weekly Issue 16
June 26, 2013
As always, a big thanks to Craig Kerstiens for curating Postgres Weekly and if you want to recommend anything for a future issue, tweet @craigkerstiens and he'll consider it! :-)
Tom Lane Explains Query Planner [video]
Tom Lane, one of the major contributors to Postgres and on the Postgres core team, was in San Francisco last week and gave a talk at the SF Postgres Users Group. Here's the video from the talk where Tom explains the innards of the PostgreSQL query planner. Whether you're a noob or a knowledgable Postgres user this is a must watch.
JavaScript Functions for PostgreSQL
With recent attention to JavasScript support in Postgres and talks highlighting how to liberate your schema theres definitely plenty of excitement. When 9.3 hits the JSON format and functions are immediately more usable, in the meantime heres some functions that will help you take advantage of JS in your DB.
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The rest
Postgres New Relic Plugin
New Relic recently expanded their application monitoring platform to include the ability to send additional information. Now there's a plugin specifically for Postgres to highlight Postgres performance within New Relic.
Recursive Postgres Queries
Common table expressions and recursive queries within Postgres have no end of use cases. Here's a great real world example taking advantage of recursive queries, though you could of course materialize such a thing. Regardless PostgreSQL gives you the flexibility to solve your use case as you see fit.
Fun with PostgreSQL: Tagging Blog Posts
Postgres is packed full of great datatypes. In particular arrays can be great in really clear use cases such as when tagging categories as highlighted in this article.