#​563 — July 17, 2024

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Postgres Weekly

Who's in Charge of Postgres? — Postgres is different to many databases by not being directly under the control of a benevolent leader or corporation that drives its development. It has a core team, the PostgreSQL Community Association holds the trademark, but who’s ‘in charge’? All of us, suggests Bruce.

Bruce Momjian

⚠️ In the e-mail version of this newsletter, we made an error in who holds the trademark. A proper correction will be issued in next week's issue. Thanks to Jonathan Katz for highlighting this!

Can Postgres Replace Redis as a Cache? — Redis is a popular, high performance in-memory data storage server commonly used for caching, but if we can "just use Postgres for everything", could Postgres take on the job instead? Raphael investigates.

Raphael De Lio

Full-Stack Observability from Honeybadger — Honeybadger's new logging platform is a bit like Splunk, DataDog, or CloudWatch Logs, but with just the good parts and a reasonable price tag. Plus, it's easy to integrate with Crunchy Bridge, Journald, AWS, and more!

Honeybadger sponsor

Autovacuum Tuning Basics — Running VACUUM manually reclaims wasted space/bloat in tables caused by deleted and updated rows. The autovacuum system, however, takes this job away from us, and can be tweaked to get the right space/performance tradeoffs for your situation.

Tomas Vondra


Using AI to Generate Data Structures for Postgres — It might be some time before we trust LLMs and AI models to diagnose diseases or run power plants, but when it comes to helping you define models and schemas, they can quickly point you in the right direction.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

▶  Discussing the Postgres Startup Ecosystem — Nikolay and Michael of the Postgres FM podcast discuss the rapidly shifting and growing commercial ecosystem around Postgres, including companies like Neon, Tembo, and Aiven. (35 minutes.)


Keyset Pagination with Descending Order — Some workarounds for an interesting sorting and pagination problem you can run into with SQL.

Laurenz Albe

📄 System Logs Aggregation with Postgres – Talking of using Postgres for everything.. Jakub Kołodziejczak

📄 Using pg_easy_replicate for Setting Up Logical Replication and Switchover Shayon Mukherjee

📄 How Expensive Is It to Maintain Extended Statistics? Andrei Lepikhov

📄 Putting DuckDB in Postgres to Query Iceberg Ming Ying (ParadeDB)

📄 How to Install TimescaleDB on AWS Juan Jose (Timescale)