Postgres Weekly Issue 93
February 19, 2015
Don't adjust your set, we're a day late this week. Back to normal service next Wednesday :-)
Inserting And Using A New Record In Postgres
There’s a variety of cases where you may insert data and want to immediately take some action on it. There’s a few small tactics for working with this newly inserted data that can make your life much easier.
Rob Conery
“Lateral joins can be incredibly useful when you need them, but it’s hard to grok their ‘shape’ without a concrete example.”
Paul A Jungwirth
Introducing PostgreSQL Dashboard
Being a personal fan of dashing (as we have several large screen TVs around our office with dashing powering them) this is particularly exciting to see a Postgres specific dashing application. Download it and monitor your PG database with ease.
Damien Clochard
Visualize App Performance - From the Browser to the Database
More than half of application performance bottlenecks originate in the database, but most application teams have little or no visibility into database performance. With AppDynamics Database Monitoring, you get 100% visibility into application performance.
AppDynamics  Sponsored
The First Rule in Securing Postgres: Don’t Be Dumb
A few tips on how to properly secure your PostgreSQL deployment.
pgEdit 2.2 released
If you’re a textmate user and want a better experience for working with Postgres here’s your solution, the pgEdit bundle makes working with Postgres 9.3 and earlier even more smooth.
Boot 2 Docker: How to set up Postgres, Elasticsearch and Redis on Mac OS X
A quick tutorial on how to set up Postgres, Elasticsearch, and Redis as Docker containers using Boot2Docker on Mac OS X.
Graham Jenson
Using Case-Insensitive Columns in PostgreSQL with citext
Postgres’ citext extension allows you to define insensitive-case columns.
Nando Vieira
Distance Constraints with PostgreSQL and PostGIS
A handy post without requiring you to go too deep that walks you through simple task applying constraints to how far away certain things are using PostGIS.
David Celis
PostgreSQL, Aggregates and Histograms
If you’re a hardcore CLI fan and never want to leave your terminal, then you should have fun geeking out on this - rendering SQL histograms right in psql.
Dimitri Fontaine
Artisanal Stop Words
If you’ve ever worked with full text search, or wanted to geek out on various algorithms for text this post goes further than your standard out of the box pieces, but all done quite simply in Postgres.
Partitioning and constraints part 1 - UNIQUE
Partitioning isn’t quite the black art it once was, but it’s not out a perfect out of the box experience and without issues. Here’s a post that walks you through the basics as well as one of the harder parts of the problem, handling your constraints with partitioning.