Postgres Weekly Issue 72
September 10, 2014
OPM: An Open PostgreSQL Monitoring Software Suite
OPM is an open source solution to help you collect stats and display them to monitor your Postgres databases. Give it a look or try the demo.
OPM Development Group
Caching with Postgres Materialized Views
Materialized views were long awaited within Postgres. Now that they’re here see what they can do for you and how you can quickly and easily improve the performance of your apps with them.
James Croft
Postgres Logs in JSON Format
Want your Postgres logs in JSON format so you can pipe them right back into Postgres? Here’s your answer for doing just that, or possibly taking the JSON and doing something else…
Michael Paquier
Tales from the Trenches – Postgres Support Calls
The vast majority of questions and complications arise during the deployment and maintenance phases of Postgres projects, not during development or POC. And with good reason —Postgres is an easy database to get ready for production, and to write code for. But planning ahead is key to your project’s success. Read more about the Tales from The Trenches and get prepared with a brief Architectural Health Check.
EnterpriseDB  Sponsored
Turn Your Postgres Queries into Charts
pgcharts is a project that can create charts out of the results from queries.
Dimitri Fontaine
Automatic Off-site Backups for your Heroku Postgres Databases
Running on Heroku Postgres and want to backup your database somewhere else besides their automated backups? Here’s a great guide for backing up your DB directly to S3.
Stefan Haflidason
Announcing BDR RPMs for 9.4
If you’re anxious for bi-directional replication, it’s here and something you can play with. Proceed with caution as one 9.4 isn’t fully released yet and also not fully baked. Any testing and feedback will help improve the quality.
Craig Ringer
PLV8 and Harmony Scoping
PLV8 has been extremely promising, providing all the power of JavaScript without much of the pain of SQL. It’s not without it’s faults though, though ECMAScript6 (sometimes - incorrectly - known as Harmony) actually improves a few issues and is now available in a branch of PLV8 (hopefully to land soon).
Andrew Dunstan
Hangout on Streaming Replication in Postgres v9.4 (Sep 18)
Want to get the details on streaming replication for 9.4 and what it means? Tune into this hangout on September 18th when they’ll be taking a deep dive.