Postgres Weekly Issue 69
August 20, 2014
My Wish List for Postgres 9.5
While Postgres 9.4 is still not quite here yet, work is very much under way for the next release which we’ll see about a year from now (9.5). Here’s my personal wish list of what I’m hoping to see in 9.5.
Craig Kerstiens
Using Postgres as a Document Store
Want to go full document store with Postgres and not just add a little flexibility here and there? Here’s a look at some modern approaches to it (though just wait for it to improve with 9.4 and JSONB).
Nathan Fritz
Introducing POWA - A New PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer
Last week we say pg:diagnose open sourced to help with monitoring performance of Postgres. This week we have another tool as a full web app that will monitor and analyze your performance.
Virginie Jourdan
A Docker PostgreSQL Workflow
If you’re experimenting with Docker for deployment or anything else and have Postgres in you’re stack then you’ll want to take a look at this walkthrough.
Snarly Sod Boxer
Another Wish List for Postgres 9.5
As a follow-up to my initial list of what I’m hoping to see a few piled on to their hopes for 9.5. Here’s another great list that hits on several things that would make Postgres much better for all.
Database Patterns
count_distinct improvements
Count distinct while accurate hasn’t always been one of Postgres’ strong suits. There’s been a few methods for approximating, but with mixed accuracy. Fortunately improvements to it are on the way.