Postgres Weekly Issue 6
April 18, 2013
Naughty publisher. Peter C takes the blame for being a day late this week, and thanks Craig Kerstiens for his excellent curation, as always :-) Back to Wednesday again next week.
Dissecting PostgreSQL CVE-2013-1899
After the heavily publicized and very serious security vulnerability was patched last week Blackwing intelligence took the chance to dig in. Read more on the details of the vulnerability such as what damage can be done and the basics of how its exploitable.
Whats new in PostgreSQL 9.3
Postgres 9.3 development is making great progress, get an update on all the exciting features that are coming down the pipeline in these slides. Including lateral support, more on range types, and improved JSON support.
Embracing the Web with JSON and PLV8
Until Postgres 9.3 gets here the JSON support is slightly limited. But by utilizing PLV8 (a full V8 engine inside Postgres) you can get expanded support for JSON and even more powerful use out of Javascript. These slides highlight much of the power you can gain from taking advantage of PLV8 with JSON.
Postgres 9.3 feature highlight: JSON operators
JSON support was possibly the most talked about feature of the Postgres 9.2 release. However, the initial support was limited to only validation. In Postgres 9.3 it gets more robust search with several built in operators. An early highlight of what will be available in 9.3 is here.
Explaining the unexplainable
Postgres has the ability to provide great detail into how your queries are executing and the details behind it. However, much of it is often pretty hard to understand, get a clear breakdown of how to understand Postgres explain plans.
DIY Geocoder in Postgres
If you've ever converted an address to a location or vice versa you've used some form of geocoding. Zain Memon shows how simple it is to roll your own with PostGIS and a bit of code to get great speed out of a geocoder.