Postgres Weekly Issue 54
April 16, 2014
PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014 (Madrid, Oct 21-24)
Dates and location are set for PG Conf EU. This year it will be in Madrid, October 21-24. PG Conf is one of the top Postgres conferences, loaded with great content from core developers and many major contributors.
PostgreSQL Command Line Cheat Sheet
A short but handy cheat sheet for working with Postgres. If any of these commands are a surprise make sure to dig in more, but more so this is a handy quick reference.
Jason Meridth
Postgres Performance for Humans [video]
A talk given by myself at PyCon. If you’re an application developer that uses Postgres and not sure where to begin when it comes to figuring out database performance this talk is for you, with slides here
Craig Kerstiens
Speeding Up Saving Millions of ORM Objects in PostgreSQL